The Invitation

When a young man receives his own Bible in prison, his life is changed forever.

The Gospel Shock

A down-and-out young man finds Christ, starting a ripple of new conversions.

No Sanctification

When an Anglican couple realizes that they have been misled, they heartily embrace the truth.

Go to Work!

A young medical missionary student embraces his calling to ministry.

No God to Worship

For years, nothing went right for Mogia on Saturdays. Finally, he understands why.

Letter from Mike: Uganda – May 2021

Halima was only 14 years old when she married a well-to-do Muslim man named Haruna. Both of Halima’s parents had died, and she had been struggling to take care of her younger brother and sister alone.

New Eyes

Amidst the pandemic, a woman with cataracts sees the light of truth. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper…This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.” Isaiah 54:17. In our work in Cotabato Province, Philippines, we have experienced many different kinds of challenges. Some people have been willing to listen to God’s Word and accept Jesus …

Karole’s Journey

When Karole’s sister is diagnosed with cancer, Karole’s life begins to change. Heaven and Earth rejoiced together on October 31, 2020, when my dear friend Karole surrendered her life to Christ in baptism. Members of five churches from three different states celebrated the event in our little church that Sabbath. Many, many prayers were answered that day.  Karole’s journey had …


When a father’s sacrifices are lightly regarded, God’s servant helps to relieve his sufferings. When Mordecai’s wife died in the early 1990s, leaving him five daughters and three sons, Mordecai promised himself that he would give his children the best life that he could as a single father. While earning his livelihood as an Anglican clergyman, Mordecai carefully managed his …