Letter from Mike: Ethiopia – August 2019

“Of equal importance with public effort is house-to-house work in the homes of the people. As the result of the presentation of truth in large congregations, a spirit of inquiry is awakened, and it is especially important that this interest be followed by personal labor. Those who desire to investigate the truth need to be taught to study diligently the Word of God. Someone must help them to build on a sure foundation. At this critical time in their religious experience, how important it is that wisely directed Bible workers come to their help, and open to their understanding the treasure house of God’s Word!” Evangelism, 429.

This July, I spent my time conducting a prophecy seminar in southern Ethiopia. I arrived with my team at the evangelistic site in pitch darkness, with rain coming down in torrents. A deep red mud came up to our ankles. The church had erected a temporary tarp shelter from the relentless downpour, but the people who were in unfavorable parts of the shelter were drenched by the rain making its way through holes or openings in the tarps. Despite all the inconveniences, 450 people eagerly waited to hear a message from the Word of God.

Bible workers had been on the ground going door-to-door, personally inviting every individual within a four-mile radius. They started Bible studies with those who seemed especially interested, prayed with those who were hurting and suffering, ministered to the depressed and confused. God especially blessed the Bible workers’ efforts with a significant turnout on that first dreary evening and every night thereafter.

Evangelism can be successful only if there is a thorough ground campaign and an aggressive follow-up program. Every morning and each night after the meetings, the Bible workers were out visiting those who had attended the campaign. They answered their questions. They appealed to them to obey what God through the Bible was asking them to do. During our training classes, I was encouraged to hear about the Bible workers’ positive interactions with those who were making decisions. After the message on the mark of the beast, the Bible workers amplified their personal appeals among the people, visiting them at their homes, answering any objections and appealing for them to obey. More than seventy souls decided to keep the Sabbath and turn from their former Sunday churches!

We left several Bible workers to continue the follow-up work and help organize this new congregation for service. Penetrating this predominantly Catholic and Muslim community will be challenging, but God’s truth will prevail!

Mission Projects International would like to hire more Ethiopian Bible workers to enter new fields and establish more congregations. Scattered all over Ethiopia lie thousands of towns and villages where the Three Angels’ Messages have never been heard. We want to help Christ’s followers in Ethiopia fulfill His last commission. More Bible workers are needed to accomplish this immense task. Your donation of only $50 a month can support a Bible worker. If you would like to help the work in Ethiopia, mark your donations “Ethiopian Workers” or “Ethiopia Churches.” May God give us wisdom on how to move forward!

Yours in fulfilling Christ’s last commission,