Letter from Mike: Congo – August 2020

New orphans, James & John

“There are plenty of orphans who need our help. Take these children and present them to God as a fragrant offering. Ask His blessing upon them, and then mold and fashion them according to Christ’s order. Will our people accept this holy trust? Because of our shallow piety and worldly ambition, shall those for whom Christ has died, be left to suffer, to go in wrong paths? Let there be serious thought on this matter. . . .

“As the homeless and helpless ones are placed where they can obtain knowledge and happiness and virtue, and become sons and daughters of the heavenly King, they will be prepared to act a Christ-like part in society. This is the vocation for which they are to be educated,—in their turn to help the needy, to work for orphans. Thus the good work will be perpetuated and extended. Is not all this missionary work in the highest sense? While the gospel is to be carried to those afar off, those also that are nigh should receive attention.” The Medical Missionary, June 1, 1891.

Food for the orphans

The central African country of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been ravaged by war, poverty, and greed. This country has seen far too much bloodshed from the diamond mines on the eastern board, while civil war has claimed the lives of many more innocent people. Millions of others have died from very treatable diseases. With the public health infrastructure virtually broken down, the risk of epidemic remains high. Amidst these tragedies, many children are left orphaned and homeless.

Pastor Thomas Ongasa, the director of Train Them 2 Fish, is working desperately to provide health care, housing, and medical attention to scores of affected children. Many come seeking help and shelter, and his team of Bible workers has covenanted not to turn any away. They rely entirely on God to provide funds to support the children who come seeking help, yet they are wholly dedicated to supplying food, clothing, and accommodations for these innocent victims of the cruel world they are growing up in.

Working together

Supplying the children’s temporal needs is only a small fraction of this ministry’s work. The enormous burden the workers share is to meet the children’s spiritual needs. Their paramount work is to prepare these children to live with Jesus in Heaven. Every day, the workers teach these young ones to love and serve their Father in Heaven. They have lost their moms and dads, but they are learning about their true Father in Heaven who sees their needs and hears their pleas for help. Finally, the workers are training these young people to become active missionaries in their respective areas. If you would like to partner with Mission Projects International in supporting this worthy project, mark your gifts, “Congo Missions.”

Yours in sharing Christ’s love!