How Jesus Works

An Apache convert finds comfort in praying for others. It’s Wednesday evening, and Silas just made my day. Silas is Apache, but 20 years ago he married a Navajo girl and has lived with her in the Navajo heartland ever since. He quit drinking and drugging a few years back and started attending a Sunday church within walking distance of …

Ellen Finds Hope

A devastated bride finds freedom in surrender. “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” Genesis 18:14. Have you ever prayed for the Lord to accomplish what seemed impossible? That is exactly what Ellen needed God to do. Praise God that Luke 1:37 answers the question: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Shortly after her marriage, Ellen’s young husband died, …

A Place to Pray, Part 2

Through life’s challenges, a new believer experiences God’s amazing answers to prayer!

A Place to Pray, Part 1

Overly eager church members drive an alcoholic away—but God still finds him, even in jail.

The Invitation

When a young man receives his own Bible in prison, his life is changed forever.

The Gospel Shock

A down-and-out young man finds Christ, starting a ripple of new conversions.

No Sanctification

When an Anglican couple realizes that they have been misled, they heartily embrace the truth.

Go to Work!

A young medical missionary student embraces his calling to ministry.