Destitute and defrauded, Didas’s family needed help the church could give. If hard work alone could make a man rich, Mr. Didas Kacokoli should have been the richest man on Earth—but misfortune had pressed him into abject poverty. Most of it had not been his fault. It started in 2005, when his father moved the family from Bitooma to Kibaale. …

Fobby’s Village

When church planters visit his village, Fobby’s fervor is unmatched!

Blind Leader

Alex grows up without the Bible. What will he do with the new truth he learns?

Journey to Christ

Even when Daniel turns his back on Christ, God continues to pursue him.

Dovina’s Dream

Dovina wants to wait to be baptized with family and friends. Then God sends her a dream.

Honduras Radio

Radio and the Internet have revolutionized the way we interact and communicate with the world, opening avenues we could not have used before and helping us reach unreachable locations. Surely God uses remote communication to prepare a people to join His last day church! A few months ago, Mike Bauler visited the headquarters of the La Ceiba radio station in …

No Earthly Support

A time is coming when the faithful will be cut off from every earthly support—when their closest companions will not be available to lean on. They will be faced with unimaginable prevarications. Sudden, unexpected events will test their fidelity to God and His truth. Falsehood will be couched in logical, persuasive arguments calculated to cause doubt in the promises of …

Working the Steps

When Oliver finds the secret to freedom, he goes to work for himself and other addicts.

The Forbidden Station

In her angst against a religious radio program, Joab’s wife unwittingly sparks his interest.