The Elijah Message

If God’s people are called to be the “Elijahs” of the last days, should we not be inviting people to “come near” us?

Two Big Dilemmas

As we prayed about it, my wife and I remembered two seminars we had attended that had inspired us to make better use of natural remedies.

Open Doors

Even though COVID interrupted many plans, it also provided wonderful opportunities for health ministry!

Home Away from Home

When Gilbert asks an elderly woman for food, he has no idea how much her kindness will change his family’s life!

No Salvation

Halima thought Allah and God were the same—until she was forced to attend the mosque.

Messenger FM

Irresistible music leads a young Muslim to Christ!

From Confusion to Clarity

I was born into spiritual confusion, with a Muslim father and a Seventh-day Adventist mother. It felt like a constant battle. 

Three Baptisms

As the door-to-door missionary raised his hand to knock, a sound from inside the home caught his attention. Was that a sermon playing in the background?