Instant Answers

Instant Answers

God brings swift answers to save souls in Malawi.

I had been receiving requests to preach in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, for some time. When the Lord provides the funds, I am always ready to go and do evangelism—but I simply did not have the resources to support my team of Bible workers while we worked in this city. Gathering my team together, I called a special prayer meeting to present our needs to the Lord. We pled with God to enable us to travel to Lilongwe to work for Him. 

Soon we made a decision: We would continue praying, but we would also move out by faith and make plans for evangelism in Lilongwe—even without the money. We didn’t have to wait long for our prayers to be answered. One day after our decision, I received a message from a friend who said he had some funds to send to help us do evangelism. God had been testing us to see if we would trust Him—and once again, He had proven it true that “my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19.

Soon the five of us left for a two-week crusade in Lilongwe, in an area of the city with many Muslims and few Christians. The first day, I preached about the true God who created the heavens and the earth and created man in six days. I explained how God felt on the last day of creation and how He rested on the seventh day. Through the blaring speakers, my message could be heard in all the homes nearby. Many new people attended the second day, and as the meetings continued, attendance kept increasing.

After every sermon, I had prayer time with anyone who wanted it. Many people would come asking for prayers. The night after I appealed for baptism, Mr. Asaf came asking for prayer. I had not known it, but this 37-year-old man, born and raised a Muslim, had been listening to the meetings from behind a wall in fear of being seen by his parents or the Muslim leaders. That day, when I made an appeal for baptism, Mr. Asaf courageously came forward with his friends and expressed his desire for baptism. 

Before he even arrived home, his parents had heard about it. “You cannot sleep here anymore,” they told him. “You must leave immediately. You have brought shame to our family and our community. Now go!” 

Heartbroken, Mr. Asaf came back to the meeting area to seek help from our team in prayer. He told us that he had no job, no house and no food now that his parents had kicked him out of their home because of his decision for Jesus Christ.

Joining hands in a large circle, we knelt. I prayed for everybody’s needs, including Mr. Asaf’s, asking God to provide. When I said “amen,” people started sharing their testimonies about what God had done in their lives after they had united with other believers in prayer. As they were sharing, a man stepped out of the circle and came to speak with me. “I have my own company, and I will employ Mr. Asaf and provide him with accommodations and food,” he said. A miracle had happened—an instant answer to our prayers! 

At the close of our meetings, Mr. Asaf got baptized together with 170 others. The new congregation has no shelter to worship God in, yet every Sabbath they attend church services with joy and smiles. Mr. Asaf is a happy man with Jesus and his new job!  


Golden Lapani is an evangelist in Malawi.

How You Can Help
Pray for Golden and his team as they continue conducting evangelism across Malawi.

Pray for the recent converts, especially those who formerly were Muslim.

Give to allow evangelism in Malawi to continue. Mark your gifts “Malawi,” “Malawi workers,” or “Malawi evangelism” and send to:

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