Taught by a Woman

Taught by a Woman

The object of a man’s prejudice shares the gospel with him.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the most populated French-speaking country in the world. Home to over 85 million people and more than 250 ethnic groups, Congo has a broad diversity of culture and traditions.

One Congolese culture does not allow women equal social status with men. Women cannot be seen in discussion with men in public. They do not exercise leadership or hold teaching positions over men. When women from this culture are converted to Christianity, they feel compelled to maintain this tradition and never preach or teach in churches.

Kalala lived in the city of Kikwit, 450 miles north of Kinshasa. From his youth, he developed prejudice and vowed that he would never learn anything from a woman. When he embraced this discriminatory culture, it changed his life. If in his school lessons a woman rose to teach, he switched classrooms. Kalala had been raised Roman Catholic, but when he discovered that nuns and parishioners were allowed to read Scriptures before the congregation, he left the church in disgust. Switching to a Pentecostal church in Kikwit, he ran into the same story – women were speaking in church. Offended, he left religion completely. Ultimately, Kalala decided not to marry. He isolated himself and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

Then one day, Kalala grew seriously ill. He had no friends to take care of him during this difficult time. 

Esther, a female Bible worker in the community, heard about Kalala’s situation. She prayed for wisdom to reach out to the isolated man, and went to check on him.

“You are the first person to visit me,” Kalala told her in surprise.

The following day, Esther saw the sick man again and carried him a nourishing meal. She brought her husband with her, and they left water for drinking and a hot bath. Esther also found a nurse to take care of Kalala’s medical needs. For two weeks, the woman Bible worker visited as Kalala’s health improved. His diet of vegetables, fruit and water had a healing effect.

Kalala grew curious about his new friend. Hearing that she was an evangelist, he wanted to know more about the faith that made her so kind. “Could I have Bible studies?” he finally asked.

Three months later, Kalala visited the local Adventist church planted by Esther and her husband. Kalala asked for prayers that he could break free from his drug and alcohol addiction. 

God answered the prayers. Today, the man is free from more than just drugs and alcohol: he is no longer prejudiced. He is a baptized Seventh-day Adventist believer, helping Esther to reach more people with the Three Angels’ Messages. 

Democratic Republic of Congo

Narrated by Esther Kamwanya to Pastor Ongasa, who wrote the story.

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