A demon possessed man becomes a faithful church attendee.

Witchcraft is a powerful weapon in Africa, and God’s intervention alone can save people who fall victim to demonic enchantments.

When young Emmy’s mother died in 2014, his father decided to remarry. Unfortunately, Emmy’s new stepmother watched him jealously. Emmy was scholastic and clever, and consistently made better grades in school than her own children.

Angry, his stepmother cast powerful demonic spells over Emmy. He did not have God’s protection from evil, and the young man lost his sanity. He became known in the community as a mad man.

When we held a Total Member Involvement evangelistic effort in Buremba this spring, Emmy never missed a meeting. However, he came to disturb us – not to hear the gospel message. He ran up to the front and snatched the microphone from the speaker, demanding food. No one dared to take the microphone away from him. When someone returned with the food Emmy demanded, he peacefully handed the microphone back and the meeting continued. When Emmy wasn’t hungry, he still interrupted the meetings – acting silly and causing laughter to erupt from the audience. 

When the evangelistic meetings concluded, Emmy still followed our footsteps. For two months, he attended our Sabbath worship services. As usual, he disturbed our meetings. 

In May, a baptism was planned. The distance to the river was long, and we didn’t expect Emmy to follow. No one gave Emmy a lift on their motorcycle, but somehow, he made it to the river.

As Pastor Michael stood in the river to baptize, Emmy silently stepped forward. He waded into the water. “I will not allow this pastor to baptize another person before he baptizes me,” he said.

The onlookers standing on the river bank began to shout. “Pastor, baptize him in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

What should the pastor do? Baptize a mad man? Emmy had been faithful to attend all the meetings that the other converts had. Maybe he had actually been listening.

The pastor decided to baptize him. The pastor and church elders surrounded Emmy, laying their hands on him in prayer. It was then that God broke the curse. Emmy’s madness left him.

He became the most sober and humble man in town, always arriving on time for worship each Sabbath. All who knew about his past life looked at him in astonishment.

“The God of the Sabbath healed me,” Emmy always replied. “I am now a free man in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Emmy needs a sponsor to help him return to school and further his education. He would like to became a pastor, and we see great potential in him. Also, the greatest need for the work in Buremba is to see an Adventist church built in town. Until this happens, the congregation will worship under a tent. Please pray for this community, as there are many more like Emmy who are held captive by the devil’s curses. 


James Musinguzi is a retired pastor who is still active in evangelism and church planting.

Pray for Emmy that he will continue to grow in Christ and that he will be able to finish his education.

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