A Call for Help

A Call for Help

Amidst setbacks, the gospel work continues in Central Congo.

I have seen it time and again: Missionary work changes people’s lives in miraculous ways. Yet too often we limit our efforts to special trips and convenient time frames. How can we remain idle while Satan is working hard to deceive and destroy souls? How long can we wait to accomplish our special task, the spread of the Three Angels’ Messages?

Sometimes we may have to pay a price for our missionary endeavors. Didn’t Jesus? When the work seems hard, the following formula has helped me keep focused:

A – Accept the assignment.
B – Believe His promises.
C – Claim His promises.
D – Do the work without delay.
E – Express thanksgiving.
F – Face setbacks with courage.
G – Glorify God.

Years ago, in 2001, a team of individuals from various countries held an evangelistic crusade in an open auditorium of a Christian university in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. During the follow-up work, five congregations were established.

Joel Mapamu, a convert from that evangelistic effort, today helps to organize and carry out God’s work not only in the Kinshasa area, but in the Sankuru region in Central Congo. Satan has attacked Joel and his family repeatedly, but God has continually intervened and enabled Joel to continue His work. On one occasion, a bus Joel was riding was involved in an accident. Several people were killed on the spot, but God spared Joel’s life. Another time, one of his adult sons suffered injuries when the bus he was riding slid into a ravine—but he survived and recovered, whereas other passengers perished. Recently, Joel’s wife Jeannette and another son suffered a severe attack of cerebral malaria, escaping death narrowly. God does watch over those who accept His assignments, claim His promises and do His work with thanksgiving!

The work in Lodja, the capital of the Sankuru region, has faced both blessings and setbacks in recent years. A civil war temporarily halted progress, but God permitted us to press forward and construct school buildings in Lodja and two small bush clinics at Dikanda (15 km northwest of Lodja) and at Yenga (100 km north of Dikanda).

Recent political changes in the country have caused foreign powers to grasp for more influence and control. Under the pretext of doing humanitarian work (while in reality pursuing their interests in Congo’s mineral resources), these foreigners have entered into negotiations with the Congo authorities to take possession of vacant plots. Since we own a vacant plot in Lodja, the traditional chief from whom we purchased the land contacted me not long ago to inform me that the state authorities are demanding possession of all vacant building sites. In other words, the government intends to give our land to the foreigners!

The brethren in the Lodja congregation confirmed the news, but they had an idea to save the land for God’s work: They pled with me to quickly build a simple medical clinic on the plot and provide it with basic equipment. This would not only keep the land out of foreign hands, but would provide a treatment center for the poorest among the people, those who cannot afford to pay for medical treatment.

This is one of many calls for help. I can only present the needs in prayer to our heavenly Father. Thanks be to our gracious God, who answers our fervent prayers and impresses family and friends to meet the various needs. Please continue to pray for the work in Sankuru and all throughout Congo!


Democratic Republic of Congo


Samuel Minea is a retired doctor who is involved in assisting the work in the Sankuru region of Congo.

How You Can Help

Pray for the Lord to provide for the progress of His work and the needs of the people in Congo. 

Give to spread the gospel in the dark areas of the Congo by marking your donation “Congo,” “Congo workers,” “Congo churches” or “Congo evangelism.” Send checks to:

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