A Team Effort

A Team Effort

Thailand is impacted by willing hands and hearts for Christ.

Greetings from Thailand! It is only through the sacrifice of people like you that Brenda and I, along with our family, have been able to work in this country. Your ongoing donations provide for our basic living expenses, and make it possible for us to increase our impact as we study the Thai language.

It has been our goal to focus on learning Thai, which we hope will greatly improve our effectiveness as missionaries here. After a furlough in the United States, we returned to Thailand in the late summer of 2018 and found a small bungalow to rent just outside of Chiang Mai. We moved in and signed up for Thai language classes. We appreciated the chance to have an essentially private class, which we could schedule around other mission efforts.

In November, we were asked to help with an evangelistic effort in the mountain village of BeYoTah. On the trip there, we became especially thankful for our four-wheel drive truck. The Lord had provided again! We drove the truck while our helpers came in on motorbikes. We hauled not only our personal necessities for the week, but also our electronic piano, three studio cameras, and the personal items belonging to five others. We visited homes in this mountain area, encouraging as many as possible to attend the evening meetings.

Between language learning and outreach, we strive to support several specific ministry efforts. The Love for Asia Foundation here in Thailand advises missionaries and provides volunteer work permits for myself and others. This enables us to maintain an ongoing Thai visa without leaving, applying for a new visa and re-entering the country every three months. Thailand is strictly enforcing laws regarding foreign volunteers, and without the help of Love for Asia, many missionaries could not function.

A Karen pastor has completed the initial translation of The Great Controversy, but there is still a great deal of proofreading and editing to be done. I would love to see this book completed quickly, as there are very few religious books in the Karen language.

A third project is the sponsorship of Saw Di Yay, one of my former teachers at Sunshine Orchard. He is now pursuing a pastoral degree at Hartland College in Virginia. He happily shared the names of his new classes with me. “I am starting my new life at Hartland,” he said only a few months into the school year. “I believe that God is preparing me with a special education for my lifework. I have my own morning devotions, and His blessings are overflowing.” Donations are welcome to cover the next school year for Saw Di Yay.

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support – not only for us, but for the other dedicated missionaries and ministries out there as well. It is a team effort. Let the mission work continue and Christ’s coming be hastened.

Harvey Steck


How You Can Help
Pray for the outreach efforts the Steck family is doing among the Karen people.

Donate. If you would like to donate and help the Steck family reach more people for Christ in Thailand, mark your donations, “Steck family mission” and send to:

Steck Family Mission
P.O. Box 494
Northport, WA  99157