The Right Arm of the Gospel

The Right Arm of the Gospel

The health message reaches hearts in Senegal.

As I climbed out of bed and pulled on my long sleeve shirt, I felt thankful for the cooler weather. After several years of no reprieve from the Senegalese heat,
the chilly mornings and evenings were a welcome change. I began preparations for the busy weekend ahead—the Bible Camp at the outpost on December 23–25.

Ten people attended, including two recent converts from Islam. We dug into Daniel and Revelation and had many lively discussions. It was a wonderful time!

In preparation for the Health Expo we would be holding on Monday, we dedicated Sunday afternoon to training our volunteers in manning the different stations.
The group learned to take a pulse and blood pressure, measure height and weight, and calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI). The school had kindly offered to let us use a classroom, and there we set up stands for nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and trust in God.

All of our advertising and sharing over the past weeks paid off, and we saw 44 adults come through the Expo that Monday. Some even came from neighboring villages. We had also planned to have recreational activities for children, and soon we had a crowd of 56 little ones! They loved the egg-balancing game,
and the two-legged races. Every child went home with a gift bag containing pencils, crayons, and a coloring sheet. All of the happy faces that day made our effort and hard work more than worth it. We hope to hold similar events in two neighboring villages—Soulouf and Pouyene. We would also love to start a Pathfinder-type club and be more involved in literature evangelism.

We are pleased with the progress on the construction of our multi-purpose building. Like many things in Senegal, it has required us to be patient. The builder became ill, and everything came to a halt for almost three weeks. However, it did give me the opportunity to share some natural treatments with him which he gladly accepted. I explained the treatments to him and his wife helped him at home. People whispered that he had been struck by a “mystic illness” caused by witchcraft. But the builder ignored the rumors and followed the treatments I prescribed of hydrotherapy, charcoal and herbal remedies. He soon recovered and is back working on the building. We hope to have it finished by April.

On a sadder note, Tia, the young lady with breast cancer, passed away in September. It is difficult to see people go but at least we know that she met Jesus and spent a lot of time with Him in the days before her death. Please pray for her children. Their names are Yeli, Angela, Lamine and Isaiah.

Water is still a challenge for us. The state officials have all but disappeared and are not taking our calls, but we are still praying for a breakthrough. Recently, we
started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a well and water pipe installation for the villagers of Mbirdiam. We are praying that the Lord will bless our efforts and touch the hearts of people to help us bring the blessing of clean water to these families.

Thank you for your continued prayers. May God bless and keep us all as we continue to work for Him!

Location: Senegal

Author: Deborah Ndione and her family are missionaries in Dakar, Senegal. Deborah uses medical ministry, English tutoring, women’s ministry, children’s ministry and other simple methods to make friends to invite to Christ’s Kingdom.

How You Can Help 

Pray that Deborah and her team of Bible workers can reach the hearts of many in her village and surrounding areas. Pray for the children who lost their mother to cancer.

Donate. Funds are needed for a well to provide fresh clean drinking water for the village of Mbirdiam. Mark your donation “Senegal” and send it to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 506
Republic, WA 99166-0506

For electronic options visit:

Thank You! Thanks to your support, the outreach center is almost finished and ready for occupancy. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project!