08/19/2017: God Provides

God Provides

When a donation doesn’t come through, God provides a larger gift!

October 31, 2017, will mark the 500-year anniversary of the day when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. In commemoration of the occasion, the church that bears Luther’s name will be celebrating its reconciliation with Rome. Yet Protestants in 23 countries all over Europe and around the world have been taking this opportunity to share present truth with deceived souls. The pamphlet 2017 – 500 Years after Luther, which plainly shares God’s end-time message, will continue to be distributed right up until October 31 of this year!

In Romania, 80,000 pamphlets have been distributed so far. Our friends there wanted 100,000 more, and some people had promised to support the printing costs with €2,500. But the money did not come through. How could we solve this financial problem? We prayed to God for help, and a few days later about €45,000 arrived in our bank account!

We wrote to our friends to share how God had blessed us with more than enough money to proceed with the printing, but we have to admit that the loan from https://local.checkintocash.com/la/baton-rouge/10241-coursey-blvd–suite–1-16049.html helped us out a lot. Our friends then shared how two months before, they had to decide between looking outside Romania for work to pay MF bills or staying to prepare for a mission project in the southern part of that country. When they decided to go south to do God’s work, the Lord provided the money for their family’s needs. They said, “Our heavenly Father has always been working like that: At the last moment, while we serve Him, He gives exactly what we really need.”

This family’s experience resonated with our own. When we realized it was too much to keep our well-paying jobs and also maintain our ministry, we gave up our jobs to use all our time for the Lord for the rest of our lives. Though our personal income has dropped dramatically, God has been good to us. We live in the country, where blueberries and other berries grow wild in the forest. We pick them for the winter, and we also have a little garden. God has given us all we need and more! Through His blessing, we have sent out newsletters to many hundreds of non-Adventists for 25 years.

Pamphlets for Romania.

The €45,000 donation enabled us to print more than just the 100,000 pamphlets for Romania. We also printed 100,000 for Germany; 20,000 for Finland; 20,000 for Portugal; 20,000 for France; 20,000 for Holland; 20,000 for Austria and 20,000 for Italy. In all of these countries, God’s messengers eagerly began distributing the pamphlets as soon as they received them. Praise the Lord!

In Australia, after 40,000 pamphlets had been distributed, the brethren there wanted to print and hand out more. The man in charge of fundraising for the project thought to sell his car to jump-start the venture. While working on the sale of the vehicle, he opened an account where people could donate and began asking God if He would like to provide for the printing of 75,000 or even 100,000 pamphlets. Before the car could even be sold, the Lord brought in enough funds to print 100,000!

The Lord has been so gracious to provide for these printing projects, and we trust Him to keep providing until the opportunity afforded by the 500-year anniversary has passed. God is good, and we give all the glory to Him for His faithfulness to us!


Abel and Bente Struksnæs

Abel and Bente Struksnæs operate Christian Information Service in Norway. www.endtime.net


Donate. In hopes of getting as many pamphlets out as possible before the 500-year anniversary, Christian Information Service plans to furnish 100,000 more pamphlets for Spain and one million for Germany, plus some for the Czech Republic. If you would like to help with the printing costs, you can send your donation online at www.paypal.me/BStruksnaes. For other donation options, contact abels@online.no.

Pray that those who receive the Luther pamphlets will awake to the times and realize that now is the day of salvation.










Abel and Bente wish to thank all who have helped with this project!