Philippines: Pastor Edmar – June 2013

Church Building in Zamboanga


By God’s grace the work here is still in God’s hand. Last month I claimed heartily the promises of God that He is the provider all things we will need. It was a big surprise when God answer of my petition about wanting to build a new church in my village. I was not expecting to build a church in zamboanga. Many times I planned to build a church but my plans fell through, but there is an exact time that the Lord will provide. Through the help of our brethren here in zamboanga we were able to raise the

Meeting in their new church

money to start building the church. All the member of the church worked hand in hand so that the house of the lord will establish. Romans 8:28 “all things are work together for good.” We have now a new church in zamboanga but it is not finished and we are still continuing to ask the Lord for the materials that are needed. We would like to put a cement floor in the church and install some lights for the church to be used at night.




Pastor Edmar's Bible Students


Pastor Edmar is diligently working to preach the Three Angels Messages in Zamboanga. As a result of his efforts two precious souls have surrendered themselves to God and have been baptized in the body of christ.






Baptism in Zamboanga


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