Togo: Pastor Agamah – March 2012

Church in Sotouboua

“In every age and in every land, God’s messengers have been called upon to meet bitter opposition from those who deliberately chose to reject the light of heaven. Often, by misrepresentation and falsehood, the enemies of the gospel have seemingly triumphed, closing the doors by which God’s messengers might gain access to the people. But these doors cannot remain forever closed, and often, as God’s servants have returned after a time to resume their labors, the Lord has wrought mightily in their behalf, enabling them to establish memorials to the glory of His name.”  Acts of the Apostles ,179

Another church has been erected in Sotouboua as a memorial in this heathen land. These churches will give permanence to the work in Togo W. Africa and will help break the power of superstition. God’s true and faithful will have a place to come and worship and learn that there is a God in heaven who cares for them. The workers there are doing a tremendous job spreading the “three angels message” to the local tribes

Building the church

New Church Members in Sotouboua

in this small city. Please continue to prayer for them.

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