Togo: Bible Worker Joel – November 2011

This is a story from a remote village of Sanda Afohou

Brother Joel in the Center

The case of our sister Clemence’s sister in law.
She suffered from hip ache, and her own father is a healer in the local village. He cooked leaves and roots of every tree and plant for the healing of his daughter but he found no solution. They sent her to the hospital because she couldn’t walk for one month and two weeks. She has been analyzed but nothing has been found. Her father the healer asks our sister Clemence to go to the witchdoctor in order to know what happens to his daughter. Sister Clemence said to him that God is her healer, so I can’t accompany you to the witchdoctor but I will go to my Evangelist who will help me and pray for me and by the grace of God I will recover.
She came to me, and together we fasted (Clemence, Valerie,Jude, and I the evangelist) we prayed for the sick sister, and after three days her mother in law (Clemence) testified that she has started doing home activities. After this they wanted to start studying the Bible together.
Please pray for the work in Togo.
Br Joel is the worker at Sanda Afohou
God bless

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