09/17/2011: Jehovah-Jireh




Such was the name of the place where Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the ram, which “Jehovah provides.” Isaac is saved, and Jesus is crucified. Paul states it this way in Philippians 4:19, “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” We at Stenshult are thankful and awed by the goodness of our dear Father’s bountiful provision daily during the year of 2010.

Demonstration at the cooking school in Varberg.

On four occasions in April and May, we conducted an evangelistic cooking school with lectures, demonstrations and samples in Varberg. “When are you going to have more meetings?” asked one of the attendees already on the first evening, even before all four meetings were finished. She was eager and faithful to bring others to the meetings. Another lady that came to all four of the meetings bought Ministry of Healing, Desire of Ages and Great Controversy before the series was finished. She started to read Ministry of Healing immediately and was greatly impressed with its beauty. Later, she expressed her joy and appreciation when she was reading Desire of Ages. By providence, we called her in the autumn just before she was moving to another city. It was arranged that she could visit us for a few hours at our center, and we had a delightful time of fellowship. Since her desire was to visit the Seventh-day Adventist church in the city where her new home would be, we have given her a contact person there.

In the autumn of the year, we conducted a second evangelistic cooking school in the city of Varberg. The same lady who was interested in more meetings in the spring had bought a vegan cookbook then. At these later meetings, she bought the book Ministry of Healing. It is a reward to see some of the attendees showing more interest in Biblical truths, especially as they become more acquainted with us. Many who come to such meetings are interested in yoga, meditation, healing and other forms of spiritualistic exercises. Furthermore, it seems that there is an endless number of these alternative forms of healing, each year more being added to the accumulating pile of error.

Working on remodeling projects.

During the summer, we were collecting names in our stand at the marketplace in Varberg to invite the contacts to the cooking classes. Each summer we have been there selling health food, health products and books, measuring blood pressure and giving away literature. “Why are you here?” “What do Seventh-day Adventists believe?” These are the types of questions that we are asked each Wednesday, which give us an opportunity to share the blessings that we possess. Often, someone will ask, “Which cult do you belong to?” Others, who have shown interest, have invested in Ministry of Healing or Desire of Ages.

One of our Bible study contacts requested the ten-volume set of The Bible Story books, which she stated were for her grandchildren. Later, she reported that she herself had been reading them and was indeed enjoying them. How wonderful! As she was finishing them, she desired more books to read. She eagerly bought the book Patriarchs and Prophets, which she reads together with the Bible. “Many of my questions have been answered by reading this book,” she said. We told her that there were five books in the series, and she now has Prophets and Kings to read and study when she is finished with the first.

Painting the house.

At our outpost, the summer was a most busy one. The biggest project was painting our mission house, which first required much preparation—washing away the mildew, scraping off the old paint, caulking cracks, replacing a window and some siding and priming. We praise the Lord that He protected and strengthened us through the ministration of His mighty angels, as you will see in the picture it was quite a dangerous activity. Just before the weather became too cold, our two cabins were also painted and the verandah floors oiled. Another advancement for which we are grateful was the finishing of the building of our greenhouse. The 160 square meters will allow us to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other crops which require a warmer temperature and longer growing season. The use of the greenhouse will also allow us to start sowing earlier in the spring. Over the last five years, we have planted about twenty fruit trees; in the autumn we were able to harvest our first apples—around 60—from our first Aroma apple tree.

With the colder weather, we began to remodel the inside of the barn, starting with the large meeting room. When we are finished there, our plan is to continue inside of the house, remodeling the office and a guest room and installing a toilet in the basement. We have also planned to remodel another smaller room in the barn to be used as a therapy room. Your gifts to our building fund are appreciated, so that we are able to continue to make the necessary investments in our outpost center and to receive even more guests. Through the donations of various donors, our bank loan has now been totally paid off! Praise be unto God for His goodness and provision—Jehovah Jireh!


By Jay Krüger. Email: jay.krueger@telia.com. Stiftelsen International Institute of Health & Education,

Stenshult 1, 511 95, Öxabäck, Sweden. Phone and fax: +46 (0) 320 56144.



Demonstration at the cooking school in Varberg.

Painting the House

Working on remodeling projects.


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