Letter from Cody: Ecuador – September 2011

The Orellana Family

I am so thankful for the precious promises of victory in Christ that are ours. “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” 1 Cor. 15:57; Rom. 8:37. There is no need to be defeated and beaten down—victory is ours! We are more than conquerors! This victory, received by faith, is ours because of Jesus’ victory over the enemy in the wilderness and throughout His life. “The scene of trial with Christ in the wilderness was the foundation of the plan of salvation, and gives to fallen man the key whereby he, in Christ’s name, may overcome.” Confrontation, 63. Jesus’ wilderness victory was the foundation of the plan of salvation and is our key to victory. Do we study and meditate upon this infinite victory to utilize this overcomer’s key? Jesus’ victory is only meaningful to us, though, if we make it ours individually. “All are personally exposed to the temptations that Christ overcame, but strength is provided for them in the all-powerful name of the great Conqueror. And all must, for themselves, individually overcome…. Although Christ gained a priceless victory in behalf of man in overcoming the temptations of Satan in the wilderness, this victory will not benefit him unless he also gains the victory on his own account.” Ibid, 63, 64. As we contemplate Jesus’ victory which He offers to us, as we see Him wrestling with the enemy, as we hear His strong reliance upon the victor’s Sword, the Word of God, then we shall be able to grasp both our path to victory and the magnitude of the work before us. “When we are able to comprehend the temptations and victories of the Son of God while in severe conflict with Satan, we shall have a more correct idea of the greatness of the work before us in overcoming…. But in the name of Christ we may have complete victory in resisting his devices.” Ibid, 69, 71. Praise God for Jesus’ complete conquest of Satan and for the victory offered to us through Him to make us more than conquerors!

The mission outpost in Ecuador

One victory that the Lord desires is for us to share His message of love and warning, thus rescuing souls from ruin and death to serve our Lord. One family that is seeking to gain just these victories for Jesus is Barac and Laurie Orellana and their two children who are serving our Master in Ecuador. Several years ago, the Lord opened the doors for them to return to Barac’s native country to establish a missionary outpost serving and sharing with the native people among the coastal mountains. While establishing the mission station and growing much of their own food, they are ever seeking to help the local people. Currently they have a project to assist in building sanitary restroom facilities for the local people. For around $200, they can build a simple but hygienic structure which will greatly assist these poor families and help to curtail disease. Through attending to the physical needs of the local people, the Lord has opened doors to minister most importantly to their spiritual needs. Through Bible studies and personal efforts, families are taking a stand for the truth from God’s Word. One family, after having the Orellanas minister to one of their sick sons, is receiving Bible studies. When they studied about the Law of God, they immediately removed their crucifixes and Virgin Mary pictures. After seeing the Sabbath from the Bible, they were ready to start keeping it, as well. Such reception gives them courage to keep pressing on. As they continue their Dorcas work, medical missionary work, children’s ministry, Bible studies and training, the light of truth is shining in these remote highlands of Ecuador. Please pray that the Lord will bless their labors, and if you would like to help their work, mark your donation “Ecuador.” You can also find more information about their work by looking up “Ecuador” on our website: www.missionspro.org.

Some of the co-workers at the mission station

Yours in the promise of victory in Christ,

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