09/25/10: A Sabbath Journey to Teach

A Sabbath Journey to Teach

David Wilson writes from Zambia Africa

I traveled on the first Sabbath of March to a church about sixty miles away. It took about two hours going and even longer coming back at night due to the many potholes.

It was quite an adventure traveling the last mile to the church in my two-wheel drive minibus. I was not sure if I was moving forward by faith or foolishness! I was wishing I had bought a four-wheel drive as I was going through deep mud puddles and weaving left and right in Murundu township between the small mud-brick houses on what was more like foot paths than a real road. When I got to the entrance of the church, which rarely has someone visit in a vehicle, I was stuck in the mud. However I had arrived, so that is what mattered.

At the 11 o’clock service and afternoon study, I went through part of Ephesians chapter 4, which has much relevant counsel for us today. I have taught from this chapter for the last three months in several churches and have yet to complete the chapter.

In each case, people are brought face to face with the real Christian calling. I was told by one person, its almost like you knew what is going on in the church based on what you taught. This is what happens when God’s Word is taught faithfully and the gift of the Spirit in teaching is at work.

One brother who was from the Congo, though now settled in Zambia, asked me a question. He began pulling out of his bag numerous publications in both English and Bemba, which the ministry had printed in the past. Included in his collection was a Bemba language version of Steps to Christ, and a book that was made up of portions of the Great Controversy.

It was 15 years ago that those two books were printed, so I was surprised to see them, and in good condition as well. As to the answer given to his question, I could only say, if God wills, printing will be done in the future. Many are looking to the ministry to be and do all that it did in the past. People have approached me and asked, “When are you going to start working?” For such ones, doing less than in the past is not working, as far as they can see. That is, until they are given one of my books or a DVD and are subsequently enlightened or blessed. My conviction is to spend all my time in a teaching ministry, using the internet, with audio and video production and writing and printing books. To see this work expand in influence and quantity of distribution will take all the time I have, and a great deal more resources than are currently available. Therefore, I do not see at this time repeating past works of ministry.

When leaving the church around 5 p.m. I was pushed out without much effort, but failed to turn around and was stuck again. Then a downpour complicated things. Everyone ran for cover into the church while I remained in the vehicle, hoping and praying the rains would not go on for hours, as has been the case in the previous two weeks.

Thankfully, after about ten minutes, the rains passed and people went to work again trying to get me out. After about fifteen minutes, I managed to back up and then was bogged down again, but a few pushes got me going.

I put the automatic transmission in second and said a silent prayer, considering where I must pass as there was a small run-off stream to my left and mud to the right only a vehicle length in front of me. Making it through the first challenge I returned through the trail in between the maze of houses that seemed even more rutted and muddy than when I came. Thankfully, despite darkness, rains, bad roads and poor drivers I made it home safely.

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