Philippines – Joseph Brian C. Palange: February 2010

Updates from Negros, Philippines

Jun Caburog in Basak Negros Oriental, Philippines pushing the work of the lights He receive. Inside the jail He made a covenant with God to serve Him if he can get out from the jail. Indeed, God made a provisions for him. From that time till now, Jun is doing public evangelism 3-4 times in a year, visiting churches,  and giving bible studies and sermon inside different jails every week. 12 nights each time. In his self-supporting work, he do canvassing herbs and support His work. this year, 24 souls received Christ by Baptism not including inside the jail.

This year, while he passed a street, an intoxicate man pull his clothe and force him to drink wine. despite of the humiliation made by the drunkard to him, he did not retaliate and continue his way as he get chance to escape. After 2 weeks, the drunkard get fool and died. Also this year, 3 drunkards attack him by stone. They about to slap him by stone as he preach the mark of the beast in front the catholic church. The drunkards were hired by somebody. But they were not able to attacked successfully. After seven months, the three were died. First the one. after the funeral, the other one, after the funeral, the other one. this year also, he preach on one area, and their were two men who will attack him but through God’s Spirit the New Peoples Army protect him and rebuke the attackers. Every day his life is a challenge, he said. But He found peace and true happiness today compare to his old life in sin and without Christ.