Philippines: Joseph Brian C. Palange – May 2009

Update from the Field:Pastor Greg Caburog Story

I was raised as a Roman Catholic in Sitio Canlagus Don Esperedion Villegas Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental. My parents were a devoted Roman Catholic and to their idols and my father was a quack doctor. We were nine in children and I was the most black sheep, drunkard, gambler, drug addict, in short the public knew me as a public disturbance and I do not want to get close with religious people. One time, I work with a company, Manila Art Center. All of the employees have different religious group. I got interest to know something as I see the different beliefs of my mates. I tried to ask from a friend about the prayers to idols, souls, and etc. of my parents if those were true. He said that we should pray direct to God in the name of Jesus and the necessity of reading the Bible. From that moment I feel challenge to read the Bible with my friend. We able to study many subjects from the New Testament and my friend ask me for baptism decision. But I told him that I am not ready for the baptism yet until I can read the whole Old Testament. Since our Bible is New Testament only. I told him that I want to read the Big Bible before I decide for Baptism. Days later, I was able to purchase a whole Bible and I start immediately to read every time I have vacant. And right then I start to study my Bible alone. From Genesis to Exodus I learned the 10 Commandments and the 7th day Sabbath but this did not convince me and I continue to read till I reach Leviticus 11:7-10 and my mind start to open about the importance of the commandments. As I read this I come up to a long reflection what group observes the 10 commandments of God and what group who abstain the forbidden meats. When I knew that Seventh-day Adventist observes this I immediately call a Bible worker to teach me the doctrine of Adventism.

I was baptized on December 29, 1981. One night I have a dream. The Holy Spirit commanded me to master the 10 Commandments and the clean and unclean meats and He command me that I should teach these to the people. When I mastered already the subjects I begin doing house to house and teach it to the people. 1987, I have a dream again. The Holy Spirit commanded me again to enter radio broadcasting in our province but I hesitate to enter since I attained grade 4 level only in elementary. But the Holy Spirit said “nothing impossible with God.” Matthew 19:26. So, days later I met with DYRS radio station manager. He tested me by giving me half hour to present. By God’s grace I was allowed to get a program in their station. The Lord gave me many dreams. One of that was the Holy Spirit inspired me to live vegetarianism which at first I refuse out rightly since I was raised up heavy carnivores. When I was in my Catholic life I use to eat with my friends such flesh of dog, cat, rat, snake, frog, and lots of different flesh just for our enjoyment. God reveal to me again in my dreams the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His burden that I may obtain eternal life. I was touch by His love and by the help of the Holy Spirit I decided to follow my Savior. As I follow my Savior, yes it is burden at first to see, but as I follow all the lights that I receive all the burdens of my life gradually taken away. Praise the Lord! What a Lord! He can change a notorious to a good man. And He can supply your needs.

Why vegetarian I ask God? God said to me thru my dreams, “in order you will not get afraid when you present great truth in the public.” God said, “Have you seen the fish when a man attempts to catch it? What is the reaction of the fish?” I response to God in my dream “naturally the fish will frighten.” God said, “So if you eat the fish or animal meats you may like the fish or them get easily frighten.” So I tried this with 3 day fasting no water or food like Jonah and Esther as the Lord commands. And during our public crusade, I feel the fearless spirit that I never felt before as I proclaim the great truth about Sabbath and I publicly proclaim the Mark of the Beast without a bit of fear. Several times I with my team Jun Caburog was stoned by drunkards. But the drunkards surrender. We never surrender by God’s power in all our crusade! Also, several times pastors of different Sunday keepers face to face us putting forth of their fingers in our face because of Sabbath truth but even a little bit of fear we feel nothing. Praise God! In 1994 I was awarded as the leading soul winner in San Carlos district Negros Occidental during our Layman Congress in Mountain View College Valencia Bukidnon Philippines. The Lord used me as instrument to bring 1000 souls to Christ. When my local church accept the banner of Rome which is the sign of cross and I was very disappointed that our leaders promote the sign of cross to put in our churches so I stepped out. I can’t preach the mark of the beast effectively while I am under of an organization who bears the sign of Rome. I was very confuse where to go and for my legal matters for the gospel work. So I put in my mind that Jesus Christ is my only leader and I tried to register new organization but the Lord gave me dream that there is still other organization bearing Seventh-day Adventist that do not accept the sign of the cross and can give my license for legal matters. The Lord hears my prayer.

Now the Lord open me to broadcast in 3 radio station every week by self-supporting. Every week I preach in jail and laboring for the gospel. We sell food supplement to sustain our work. Brethren, There are many souls here that needs our sacrifice and self-denial. We need Cebuan Bibles and Cebuan hymns and other Cebuan SOP’s. May the Lord leads us to fasten our Savior’s coming. I want to rest on that eternal shore. How about you my dear brethren? Oh the Lord promise, “the eternal rest shall be given to those who labor for Him.”

By: Joseph Brian C. Palange, Philippines