Letter from Cody: Lynnwood & Ohio Evangelism – March 2009

Dear Friend,

As the lone angel was joined by an innumerable shining throng to swell the glad tidings “glory to God in the highest” across the Bethlehem pastures, so today we have been promised that the message of “fear God and give glory to Him” will swell to a loud, earth-encircling cry. How we look forward to that time! For the final message to echo from plain to mountain and city to village thrills our hearts with longing expectation—when thousands gladly grasp the testing truths for this time. But have we stopped to consider that this world-changing message must swell to a life-changing message in our hearts first? “If, on the other hand, we live up to all the light that shines upon us, that light will continue to increase, and we shall have a clean record in heaven. The third angel’s message is to lighten the earth with its glory; but only those who have withstood temptation in the strength of the Mighty One will be permitted to act a part in proclaiming it when it shall have swelled into the loud cry.” Historical Sketches, 155. May we allow the light of truth to continually swell in our own hearts and lives that we may act a part in proclaiming present truth with a loud cry.

We praise the Lord for an opportunity to give this warning message now. Last month, the Lord opened the doors for the message to be shared in Ohio, and we praise the Lord for His blessing. In two short weekends, dscn0520-letterwe were able to share the truths from the Bible regarding the signs of the times, the second coming and the rapture, the law of God, Daniel 2 & 7, the Sabbath, the mark of the beast, the United States and Armageddon. Many shared how the studies had been a tremendous blessing to them. One sister said that her son had been preaching to her about the Sabbath for years, but it really came together in the seminar. Another lady was extremely convicted on the Sabbath and was troubled for her two grown daughters whom she had taught to worship on Sunday. An impact was definitely made as around fifty people came to the seminar and another fifty-plus people that were unable to attend requested the study materials. Even though it was an abbreviated seminar, nearly everyone requested the set of CDs of the full length meetings, so the message will continue to sound in their cars and homes! Please pray that the Lord will continue to lead them fully into His truth.

Even though we have barely finished the series in Ohio, we have already begun another set of meetings in Lynnwood, Washington. Once again, the Lord is blessing as He has brought out many very interested dscn0528-letterindividuals to study and learn the truths from His Word. We have concluded the first weekend of ground-laying studies and will advance into deeper prophetic studies in the upcoming weeks. Next week, our theme will be exposing the fallacy of futurism—uncovering the rapture deception, unmasking the antichrist and showing the true sanctuary in heaven, not a supposed Jerusalem temple. After that we will move into showing how nearly the entire world will be led to worship the beast and receive its mark, with many other prophecies along the way. The Lord has filled up the room, and many have shared how the studies have been such a great blessing to them and are desirous to know when we will hold another seminar so they can invite more of their friends and family. We pray that the interest will remain high and that the Lord will draw into His fold those who are desirous to follow Him all the way. Please keep these interests in your prayers, and may the message continually swell until it is that unavoidable loud cry arresting the attention and calling for a decision from all.

Your brother in proclaiming the message,