Philippines: Joseph Brian C. Palange – Feb 2009

Update from the Field:

Grace of Christ be with you! I have story for you to share.

Jaira a Muslim young lady that I shared to you last time is now okay and recovered her health. Praise God! Her mother visits us, when I was not around, and told us that her daughter got recovered 100% from 2 years plus in illness and from bedridden. The last time I visit them, 1 month ago if I am not mistaken, I shared to them the love of God, health message, and the importance of prayer. I told them that God is real and He is ready to answer and help us when we call Him in sincerity and in faith. One thing I can’t forget when I told her as I look into her hopeless eyes that God desperately loves her, her tears fell in her eyes. Her mother told me that they are planning to go back to Malaysia when her daughter has strength to walk. And when I back home we decided to divide our last allowance to buy 1.8 liters of grape juice and 2 liters of apple juice to give it to her for free (since her parents bankrupt already for more than 32 doctors in Malaysia and Philippines they visited) and I encourage her to go on fasting. I encourage her to pray to God as to the only One can heal her. After two days Jaira recovered 50% to 70%. I was not able to get back in the following day to visit her because of the Muslim gangsters and Cebuan gangster was in trouble in our villages. So we plead to God for mercy for this family to do miracle for them for I don’t know what to do to help them. Just pray and pray. Me and my wife prayed for them several times in a day. That’s the only way we can do. and in the night season I have a dream that her mother told me that they will go home for her daughter is recovered already. I awoke and plead again to GOD and praying for mercy for this family. Many days past I was not able to visit them but I feel assure in my heart that the Lord answers our prayers. Last week her mother visit in our house and letting us know that Jaira is now okay and they will go to Malaysia tomorrow. And she buy our herbal products to sell in Malaysia and she was very thankful to God.

I believe that when her relationship with the Father in heaven will grow, God will lead them to Jesus their Savior. It is my prayer that when they arrive in Malaysia, the wonder work of God to their lives will spread to their place and to other places that the love of God was displayed through His followers.

Joseph B. Palange