The Strangest Thought

Marco wants help, but he is surprised by where it comes from!

My life had become a terrible mess, and I had only myself to blame. My job paid well, but I used only a small portion of my earnings to care for my family. The rest I spent on alcohol, partying and night life. Too late, I realized that I had led myself into bondage and put my marriage in serious jeopardy. Even my children wanted nothing to do with me. I felt that I had lost everything important.

One afternoon, I told myself, “Enough, no more! I’m going to find the help I need.” The strangest thought then entered my mind: My only hope is God. I had not thought about God in years, but I suddenly felt the need to go back to church. Next I began to feel deep remorse for my life of reveling and drunkenness, and oh how I wished to make things right with God. Going to my knees, I wept before God’s throne, seeking mercy and grace in my time of need.

Now my thoughts turned toward my wife. I knew that I didn’t deserve her after the hell I had put her through, yet I felt that by returning to God, I might be able to reach her heart. She had repeatedly urged me to start going to church, but I had always told her no. Now I could see that she had been right. I did need His help to overcome my alcoholism. 

I thank God that He can untangle us from the messes we place ourselves in. When I surrendered my life to the Lord and repented of my sins, things began changing. I lost my desire to go out and party at night. Instead, I started studying the Bible with the intention of being baptized. My work situation improved also. I had been working many extra hours, and I often had to travel as well. When I tried to start spending more time with my family, I found I didn’t have the time. Instead of taking my troubles to the bottle, however, I took them to the Lord, and He gave me a new job! Now I love spending time with my wife and family—especially on Sabbath, our day together with God. The bond I now share with my wife and children is closer than any other I have experienced! 

Every night, I listen to Adventist radio with my family. We have to listen online, since the radio waves do not reach our community. The construction of a new radio tower has already begun, and we pray that the Lord will provide the resources to finish the project soon so that people in our town will hear the programs and learn about the Word of God. I hope that one day I can share my story on one of those radio programs, and that souls can thus be led to the Lord!

Without a doubt, following Christ is the best decision I ever made. Seeking the Lord is the most beautiful and wonderful thing! God’s mercy to me has been great and I am thankful that He led me to His feet. I have recovered what I love most—my family—and I enjoy fellowshipping in church every week. I like to help with our church’s evangelistic activities and share my testimony of how the Lord changed my life. Every day I seek to strengthen my relationship with God, for I am determined never to turn back. I want to always follow the Lord, for I have found His ways are best for every aspect of my life!  


Marco Licona is a civil engineer in Sonaguera, Honduras.

How You Can Help
Pray for Marco as he shares the everlasting gospel with those he meets. 

Pray for the radio and television programs in Honduras to expand their reach to people who otherwise might never hear the truth!

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