From Anxiety to Peace

God uses social media to transform a young woman’s outlook.

My name is Ashley Ramirez. I attended a Seventh-day Adventist church as a child, mostly because my sisters and grandmother were members there. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in the things of God, but I surrounded myself with distractions to try and fill the emptiness in my heart. And all the while, I worried about my future with constant anxiety. I felt sad, incomplete, dissatisfied, and mistrustful of everyone and everything.

One day, as I scrolled on my cellphone’s TikTok app, a video caught my attention. It was posted by someone with the username “Curiousadventist” and spoke about what it meant to “fear God.” I was intrigued. By watching the video, I learned that fearing God was not about being scared, but about obeying His commandments. The narrator spoke clearly and confidently as he directed me to Ecclesiastes 12:13: “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all” and Proverbs 16:6: “And by the fear of the Lord one departs from evil.”

This short video planted a seed in my heart that drove me to gain a clearer knowledge of God. I realized for the first time in my life that I did not need to be afraid of God, for He is a God of love who wants my heart. I wanted to know more, and I had many questions to ask.

Days later, another video from the same user appeared on my screen. “Babylon Has Fallen,” read the title. “This is a sign that I should watch more,” I thought. From then on I watched everything that “Curiousadventist” posted. Each video was supported by Scripture.

When I clicked on the user’s profile, I saw that he offered Bible studies. I messaged him about it, and he responded quickly. He lived in Guatemala and sent Bible studies to people electronically. “When you wish to start a Bible study, just let me know,” he wrote.

A short while later, he sent me my first “Faith of Jesus” Bible study. My faith grew! I asked God to allow me to know Him that I might truly love Him. After attending a local evangelistic series, I made the decision to give my life to the Lord.

Today, I live with confidence about my future and have peace in the present. I am an active member in the church and have a burning desire to share my faith with others. I want to inspire young people to know God personally and give their lives to Him. This world is in darkness; it is full of people perishing. Jesus is our only light and hope for the future!  


Told by Ashley Ramirez to Marcos Mendoza, a district pastor in La Ceiba, Honduras.

How You Can Help
Pray for Ashley’s walk with Jesus to continue deepening so her life will be an inspiration to other young people!

Pray for the radio and television programs in Honduras to continue reaching people who otherwise might never hear the truth!

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