Letter from Mike: Honduras – April 2023

Through your donations, the radio stations in Honduras are reaching many souls for Christ. Thank you for supporting this work!

La Ceiba, Honduras is a hub of activity. With more than 200,000 people in the city and many more in the smaller towns in the region, radio has proved to be a very effective channel to communicate the everlasting gospel to the masses. God is using the radio as a spiritual sword to cut through the darkness and false doctrines that have enshrouded the religious world in Central America.

Ronal ​​Alberto lives in one of the many towns outside La Ceiba, and he has been a long and faithful member of the Evangelical church in his area. A few months ago, while scanning through the radio stations, he came across a program called “The Bible Speaks.” That message left him spellbound. The Bible teaching was so clear and logical that it captivated his mind. The more programs he listened to, the more clearly he understood the message of salvation.

One day the program taught about unclean foods, piquing Ronal’s curiosity. He had always been taught that Christ’s death on the cross had cleansed all the animals, and thus all meat is good for food. As conclusive proof of this doctrine, his church pointed to Peter’s dream about the unclean animals in the sheet. After listening to the radio message on the subject, Ronal examined Peter’s dream and saw that it had nothing to do with food, but rather calling people unclean. Shortly after studying this out, Ronal shared what he had learned with his brothers and sisters in church. Some believed what the Bible taught and rejoiced in the truth, but most of them became very upset and ridiculed him for believing such nonsense.

The message about God’s Sabbath was the next bombshell that stunned Ronal. All his life, he had wholeheartedly believed that Sunday is the Sabbath. The message about the Lord’s true day left him first concerned and then confused. He decided that he would do the same as when he had heard about unclean foods: He would examine the teaching through Scripture. After studying the topic thoroughly, he concluded that the seventh day is on Saturday and not Sunday. Shortly after discovering the Sabbath, he was invited to preach a sermon on Sunday, and he decided to present the Bible’s teachings about the Sabbath. This would be the last time he was allowed in the church!

After being expelled from his church, Ronal began searching for a Seventh-day Adventist church to attend. In God’s providence, he soon met the director of the radio program and the elder of the local church. Some of his family members and some from the Evangelical church are now attending the Adventist church because of Ronal’s witness!

Please pray for Ronal as he continues to witness powerfully for Jesus, and please pray for the radio to continue reaching honest-hearted souls. If you are impressed to help forward the work in Honduras, mark your gifts “Honduras Evangelism.”