Letter from Mike: Guyana – March 2023

Going to church in a boat was a new experience for me. Watching the “parking lot” fill with other boats as new converts and church members assembled for worship on Sabbath morning will be something I will never forget. In the country of Guyana, very few roads blaze into the interior of the country. The “highways” are the massive rivers that flow northward out of the Amazon Basin and the Acarai Mountains. Most of the country is accessible only by small plane or boat—but mostly by boat.

Because of difficult access, tens of thousands of people have not been reached with the Three Angels’ Messages in Guyana. Mission Projects International is teaming up with Living for Jesus (LFJ) Ministries to reach the unreached in this country with the everlasting gospel. By God’s grace, we hope to minister to the scores of small towns and villages along the massive rivers. After all, Jesus told us to go into the highways and hedges (things that separate people from coming together) and gather the neglected ones, so that His house could be filled.

Pastor Blair and a married couple by the names of Michael and Maria are working in a remote missionary station in the Pomaroon region of Guyana. Their focus is seeking those who have not heard the message of God’s everlasting love. Recently, Pastor Blair conducted an evangelistic campaign in Pomaroon. Michael and Maria went door to door by boat inviting people to attend the meetings and starting Bible studies with anyone interested. Each night they floated down the river, gathering people from homes along its banks and bringing them to the evangelistic meetings.

Pastor Blair’s Spirit-led messages presented the last warning message to this world, making deep impressions on people and resulting in heartfelt confessions. Many surrendered their lives to Christ, and many desired to be baptized.

With your help, we would like to purchase another boat that would allow Michael and Maria to penetrate even deeper into the country, planting more churches and strengthening the existing ones. They will also need a missionary station in the interior of Guyana to serve as a base to live and work from and to hold Bible meetings. Even now, Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books are needed to strengthen those new to the faith, and churches need to be built for newly planted congregations. The work of penetrating the vast jungles of South America is exciting, and we want to be part of it!

Please pray for Pastor Blair, Michael and Maria as they seek souls in remote areas, and please partner with us to help these faithful workers make a bigger impact for Christ! To be part of this exciting new project, mark your gifts “Guyana Evangelism.”

Yours in going to the highways and hedges!