Honduras Radio

Radio and the Internet have revolutionized the way we interact and communicate with the world, opening avenues we could not have used before and helping us reach unreachable locations. Surely God uses remote communication to prepare a people to join His last day church!

A few months ago, Mike Bauler visited the headquarters of the La Ceiba radio station in Honduras to investigate how MPI could help reach more souls there through radio and Internet evangelism. The work being accomplished at La Ceiba was impressive, especially with the outdated equipment being used. It seemed incredible for the ministry to be functioning and producing such good content with the available resources—yet it was! Unfortunately, this thrifty ministry team has suffered a setback.

A recent fire at the headquarters in La Ceiba has damaged the computers and camera equipment, and the leadership has reached out to us for support in replacing the electronics. Will you help replace the computers, cameras and studio supplies at this vital mission outpost?  

How You Can Help

Pray for the people who are listening to the radio and watching the evangelistic sermons online. 

Equipment. To replace the computers and cameras with adequate equipment will cost around $5,000. If you are impressed to help, send your gifts marked “Mission Focus—Honduras Radio” to: 

Mission Projects International 
PO Box 151
Inchelium, WA 99138

To give securely online, visit: