Innocent’s Conviction

An intriguing advertisement changes Innocent’s village forever.

As a child, Innocent had served as an altar boy at the Roman Catholic Church near his home in the Kakukuuru region of Uganda, and he still believed the faith of his childhood. Yet while scrolling Facebook one day, the now grown man saw an interesting ad for a program called “Unlocking Bible Prophecies.” Realizing he knew nothing about Bible prophecy, Innocent decided to learn all he could from this program.

At the end of the series, Innocent had glimpsed the light of Bible truth, but he still had questions. Far from home or any Seventh-day Adventists, he began searching the Internet for more Bible truth and more details about the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

“When I learned about the Seventh-day Sabbath, I realized that I had been misled,” Innocent testifies. “Although working as a security guard in Somalia at the time, I could not wait to share everything I had learned with my family.” 

Back home, Innocent’s wife and children began studying the new ideas that he had been relating to them. “Once we understood the truth about the Seventh-day Sabbath, a day set apart for worshipping God who created Heaven and Earth, we decided to worship on Sunday no more,” Innocent’s wife says. “Since there was no Seventh-day Adventist Church near us, we began worshipping from home.”

Meanwhile, conviction about the Sabbath haunted Innocent. He knew he should worship his Creator on the seventh day, but his position as a security guard required him to work on Saturday. At length, he decided to resign from his job and go back home to Uganda where he could worship God freely. On reaching home, he was astonished to learn that his family had already decided to worship on Sabbath together each week, even with no church to attend!

Now without a job, Innocent started up his own business, and in order to make a success of it, he had to move to Mbarara City for a time. Here, he and his family at last were able to attend a Sabbath-keeping church. “As soon as we entered the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we decided to be baptized,” Innocent says. “After all, we had already learned the fundamental beliefs and had committed to be part of the remnant church.” 

Church fellowship was wonderful, but one thought still hurt: How could Innocent and his family go on enjoying these amazing Bible truths themselves while the people in their home village still perished in darkness? He decided they could not. So, moving his family and his business back home, Innocent organized a community Bible study and invited Pastor John Kaganzi of Messenger FM Radio to lead out. The studies continued every Sunday evening for four months, with attendance growing every week. At the end of the series, six people decided to be baptized. Innocent offered his business as a place of worship until land could be secured and a church constructed. 

Now, in addition to Innocent’s family and the other six already baptized, 24 people are attending Sabbath services and studying for baptism. Radio staff members go to Kakukuuru every Friday to prepare for Sabbath and lead out in the worship services of this new congregation, and the nearest Seventh-day Adventist Church has joined in to help nurture the new members as well. The real need, however, is a full-time Bible worker who can follow up with all the new interest in Kakukuuru and press forward to penetrate the nearby communities with the gospel. The harvest is plenty! Please pray for more laborers in God’s Ugandan harvest fields.  


John Kaganzi is a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi area in Uganda.

How You Can Help
Pray for Innocent as he shares the message with all his associates. Pray for all those attending the new congregation to make a firm decision to join God’s remnant church!

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