Mission School

“Who knows what constitutes the most essential education, unless it is the education to be obtained from that Book which is the foundation of all true knowledge?” Review and Herald, November 11, 1909.

The educational system in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is plagued by lack of access and poor quality. Some 3.5 million children of primary school age are not in school. Of those who do enroll, 44 percent start school late, after the age of six. Only 67 percent of children who enter first grade will complete sixth grade, and of those who reach sixth grade, only 75 percent will pass the exit exam.

In this very country, Bible worker Emmanuel has opened a school to educate children in the words of Scripture—a school where children can be taught the Law of God. A school where there will be no conflicts with the Sabbath. A safe and inviting environment where children can learn and grow to be missionaries for the Lord! Over 100 students now attend this school, and attendance is growing larger every day!  

How You Can Help

The Needs
Books, supplies, musical instruments and classroom space

To Give 
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