Saved from Black Magic

After nearly claiming his life, black magic leaves Jerry disabled. Will he ever find hope?

In Papua New Guinea, black magic is used for murder, and it has claimed many innocent lives. Yet in 2001, while in ninth grade, Jerry survived his classmates’ occult attack. The demonic spell did not kill Jerry, but it did leave him permanently disabled.

Crushed by his sudden handicaps, Jerry felt subhuman. He had known a free and healthy life before, and he felt unable to accept his condition; but there was no way to go back. Filled with darkness, hopelessness and sorrow, he asked himself why this had happened—but he couldn’t see the answer. He didn’t know that God had plans for his future. 

When I heard about Jerry, I decided to visit him. I knew he must be terribly lonely, so at first I just listened while he told me all about his depression. Yet even after sharing his woes, Jerry told me some good things that had come out of his disaster. “Ever since 2001, I have been a vegetarian,” he said. “My physician said that if I eat meat I will die. I have also left off the practice of black magic.”

“Listen, Jerry,” I said. “Any good or bad thing that happens in our lives is something God can use for our good. We have to accept it and learn lessons.” 

Jerry nodded thoughtfully. “Maybe God allowed this to happen to turn me from satanic practices.” He paused. “God used to give me good dreams about Jesus coming in the sky and taking me to Heaven, but it never satisfied me because I wanted to be a normal person here and now.” 

“Jerry,” I told him, “our God is a personal God. He wants you to know that when you accept Him, He will be your hope. He will brighten your future, turn your worry into joy and give you true peace. God will take away your anger and frustration and make you a new man. You don’t need to feel that you are a nobody, because when you have Jesus, you are somebody special. Do you know that you are worth all of Heaven, regardless of your disability? God said that when you have Jesus, you have ‘power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.’” Luke 10:19.

Jerry’s eyes glimmered as I quoted the Word of God to him. “These are the answers I have been looking for,” he murmured. “Jesus makes people whole again, and He gives eternal life.” His face brightened. 

I started Bible studies with Jerry, and he soon accepted Jesus into his life. When he learned about the Sabbath, he eagerly began worshipping on God’s holy day, and he loved going to church. He found joy in hearing God’s Word, singing, praying and giving thanks to God for saving his life from death. Soon he decided to dedicate his life to God and join God’s remnant church. “I will be a normal person again when Jesus my Savior comes in the clouds with glory,” he told me. 

“The LORD hath been mindful of us.” Psalm 115:12. No matter our condition, our heavenly Father is concerned about us. He never neglects us or passes us by. When evil overcomes us, He is still mindful of us and willing to save and rescue. Praise God that no one is beyond His reach! What He did for Jerry, He will do for anyone. He is the God of hope! Romans 15:13. 

Papua New Guinea

Moses Yauma is a lay evangelist working in the upper highlands of PNG.

How You Can Help
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Pray for Jerry to courageously face the future and find his purpose in living for Jesus.

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