Letter from Mike: Kenya – June 2022

“Many of the members of our large churches are doing comparatively nothing. They might accomplish a good work, if, instead of crowding together, they would scatter into places that have not yet been entered by the truth.” Christian Service, 183.

More than 110 years ago, the Seventh-day Adventist Church sent its first missionaries into East Africa. These pioneer workers took up the challenge of entering an unknown field, determined to plant the truth of the Three Angels’ Messages in this area. Landing first on the southeast shores of Kenya, the missionaries moved to the interior of the country and established their mission station on the shores of Lake Victoria. Within a year, they had two solid converts to Adventism. Those two young men went back to their obscure villages and won seven more young people to the Three Angels’ Messages! From there, the message spread to many places; yet even today, many more still need to hear God’s last warning message.

Philip Langat, a Bible worker whom your gifts help support, has the same pioneering spirit as the original forerunners of the SDA church in Kenya. Philip grasped a vision of planting a church in an area without any Adventists, and he was sent to the remote village of Ruseya in the South Rift Valley to do just that. Not knowing how he would be received, Philip set off with a determination to connect with people and assess their needs. By visiting the people in their homes, he soon found individuals who were willing to study the Bible with him. Many people needed counseling or desired prayers for healing, and Philip could easily see that they needed the Lord desperately.

Now that Philip has been working and praying for the people in Ruseya for several months, a new church plant has been born! The Holy Spirit led Philip to the people who were seeking Jesus, and as they studied systematically through all the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, many of them decided to go all the way with Christ and be baptized. An older gentleman who studies the Bible with Philip agreed to allow the new converts to use his land for Sabbath worship services, and the new church now worships in a makeshift shelter on this donated land. More than 25 people meet together every Sabbath! In addition, Philip conducts weekly prayer meetings and baptismal classes with all the new contacts. Please pray for Philip as he continues to solidify these new Adventists in the truth.

Philip is one of six Bible workers whom your gifts support in the South Rift Valley, and they have planted multiple churches in dark areas! As yet, none of these new congregations have a permanent place to worship. Would you help them build small churches where they can worship and minister for God? Please pray about how you can help, and if you are so impressed, send your gift marked “Kenya Churches.”

Yours in spreading light in the darkness!