Through the Red Sea

Kirungu seems barren and impenetrable—until Noah asks God to part the Red Sea.

The view of the village from my rented home discouraged me. To the right stretched out an expansive pine forest. To the left lay a valley of shrubs and bushes, with only one grass thatched hut far away on the hill. Kirungu is a barren land, I thought. I had not been commissioned to go and preach to trees and shrubs, but where were the people?

I dedicated a week to prayer. At the end of the week, the owner of my house requested me to leave, as he had decided to use the home for other purposes. Our coordinator arranged another rental for me, and here in this new area of the village were many homes within walking distance. I started out house to house, looking to do personal evangelism.

After being rejected at the first seven homes, I started to think about my presentation. I had been walking with my Bible in hand, but I decided to try something different. When I put my Bible away, the people invited me in—but they still did not seem very receptive. Wondering what could be the reason, I asked questions until I discovered that most people here held onto traditional African religions, meaning that they worshipped their ancestors as gods. Fear of offending the spirits of their departed loved ones and suffering under their curses kept the people from entertaining Christians.

Tempted with discouragement, I chose to believe that God could intervene, and I prayed for Him to open the way as He did at the Red Sea for the Israelites. Once again, I dedicated a week to fasting and prayer for the mission entrusted to me. I prayed that God would make it possible for me to reach every home and every soul with the message of His saving grace. 

On the last day of my week of fasting, I decided to go back out and knock on doors with confidence that God had answered my prayers. 

“Yes, come in,” a lady’s voice answered my knock. “Sit down.” She gestured toward one of the dusty benches in her house. As I did so, my eyes fell on an old Bible sitting on a stool. This could be a Christian home! After a long conversation with the lady and her daughter, I learned that she was, indeed, a Pentecostal Christian. As a primary school teacher, she had been posted here in Kirungu by the government. 

Judith became my first Bible study interest, but not my last. After a month of daily Bible study, Judith grew so excited that she could not keep quiet. Asking me for extra Bible study guides, she distributed them all over the village. Interested people began coming to her home to join us for Bible studies. Each day, more and more people attended. Truly God was opening a way through the sea! 

After five months of daily Bible instruction, 38 people from Kirungu joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church in baptism. Judith donated the money to buy land for our church. By setting aside part of my stipend each month, I was able to buy 20 sheets of iron. Church members contributed 10 more iron sheets as well as some rough timbers. Soon we will construct a temporary shelter where we can worship while we raise funds to build a permanent church. 

I thank God. In answer to my earnest prayers, the land that seemed barren has proved amazingly fruitful!  


Noah Rubaramira is a Bible worker in the Kirungu area of Uganda.

How You Can Help
Pray for Judith as she continues bringing people to the Bible study in her home.  

Pray that God opens up more opportunities for Noah to study with those who are seeking the truth. 

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