A Tale of Two Women, Part 2

Merciline is shocked to see Emmy sober and in her right mind. Can the new evangelists help her, too?

What’s happening: Emmy, a hopeless drunk, asks two Bible workers for spare change. Something about them tells Emmy they care.

The following day, Emmy met more of the evangelistic team going around spreading the gospel. Though she was drunk, they talked to her with pity and love. These people seemed truly trustworthy! When she met the last pair of workers later in the week, she had to ask: “Would you all come and visit me at home? I want to know more about what you have to say.”

Sunday morning the whole team visited Emmy’s family. Her parents welcomed them, joy radiating in their smiles. “You must be the people Emmy has been talking about!” her mother beamed. “We’re so glad she’s made friends with people who believe in God. She’s got a new spark in her eyes already.”

“I’m so glad you came,” her father added. “I’ve tried so many times to help my daughter regain her self-worth, but all my efforts have failed. Sometimes she runs away for months, and I search all over for her without success. Please share whatever you can to help her.”

Through the Bible workers’ patient studies with her, Emmy eventually gave her life to Jesus. She gave up alcohol and promised to work alongside the evangelists for the rest of their time in her town. 

“Emmy, is that you?” Merciline called out as Emmy walked straight down the path.

“Sure is!” Emmy called back.

“I heard you decided to follow Christ. Is that why you’re sober today?”

Emmy smiled. “Yes, Jesus put me back in my right mind.”

“Bring your new friends to visit me, wouldn’t you? I’d like to meet them.”

The very next day, Emmy brought some of the workers to Merciline’s house. Just like Emmy, Merciline felt almost instant confidence in them. The day after she met them, she opened up and confided her troubles to two of the Bible workers. An officer handling her domestic complaint had called her to the police station to iron out some issues pertaining to her case before it continued to the court of law. She had to decide whether to proceed with the case or to drop it now that she was happily living with her husband.

“My mother-in-law is a member of the Miracles Wonders Church,” Merciline told them. “The preachers there believe in the powers of sorcery. They don’t talk a lot about Jesus, they just tell us how to stay free from witches’ spells. My husband and I both want to know more about the Bible.”

The Bible workers gladly made a time to sit down and read the Word of God with Merciline and Jacob. “I can’t believe how plain this is to understand!” Merciline exclaimed. After learning all about Christ the Savior, she gladly soaked in what the workers shared about communion, the Law of God and the Sabbath. 

As she learned more and more, Merciline wondered how she and Jacob could have been so deceived and misled by the shepherds in her mother-in-law’s church. It must be because they had never looked for themselves to see what the Bible says! Now Merciline could see her great need: to study the Word of God and know Jesus on her own. How thankful she felt that Emmy had introduced her to the Bible workers!

Emmy and Merciline—two women with difficult, though different circumstances. Through God’s Word and His sympathetic ministers, both received help and strength to live a better life!  


Enock Langat is a Bible worker in the Nakuru region of Kenya. 

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