Deliverance from Demons

When Joy opens her home to a young stranger, she has no idea of the spiritual battle that awaits.

A young woman sat on the roadside, staring off into the distance. “Good evening.” Joy crouched down next to the girl. “I don’t think I’ve seen you in the village before. May I ask your name?”

“I am Allen.” She looked weary and hungry.

“Where do you come from?” 

The girl stared ahead, silent. “Listen,” Joy murmured, “I cannot leave you here alone; someone wicked will find you. Won’t you come and spend the night at my house? You can continue your journey tomorrow.” 

Allen nodded and followed Joy home. At supper, though, she refused to eat. Joy made a bed for her, but she asked to spend the night in the sitting room. 

Near midnight, shrieks jolted Joy awake. Rushing to the living room, she narrowly dodged Allen’s punches and kicks. Joy fled to her sons’ room. “She’s insane!” Joy screamed. “Allen is out of her mind.”

The young men jumped on Allen, tying up her hands and legs. Neighbors gathered outside, and Joy let them in. Everyone agreed that Allen had a devil.

Very early that morning, I heard a knock at my door. Getting out of bed, I went to answer. “Well good morning, Joy,” I said. “Is it peace with your household?” 

“It is not, pastor.” She told me the whole story.

“Let us pray, and then I will go with you,” I assured her. “God is in control.” 

Back at Joy’s house, I prayed with the watching neighbors and family. Allen was calm, so I asked them to untie her. We took her to our church and spent the day praying for her.

That evening, the demons screamed and shouted. “We have suffered much by your prayers. Why are you chasing us out of our house?” 

“Leave her,” we commanded. “Allen is a child of Jesus.” Allen became peaceful! Still, we knew the battle might not be over, so we organized a day of fasting and prayer.

We prayed for a month before Allen regained full mental function. When she did, we started Bible studies with her. 

“Do you remember any contact numbers for the people at home?” I asked. She gave me her mother’s number, but I didn’t call right away. 

After a month of Bible studies, Allen asked for baptism. “I don’t want to go back home a Catholic,” she said. Only then did I call her mother.

“Allen is alive?” her mother sounded surprised. “Other Christians have prayed for her, but the devils would not let her go. She is 19. We gave up.”

“Allen wants to be baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist.” I told her mother the whole story. “We plan to bring her home once she is baptized.” 

“That sounds wonderful,” her mother said. “I can’t wait to see my girl in her right mind.”

On a Sunday afternoon after her baptism, we took Allen home. Relatives had gathered and prepared us a feast. “We never expected this,” they beamed. We used the opportunity to share God’s Word with them. Three days later, they sent Allen back to my family with gifts. “Pastor, Allen is your daughter now!” her mother told me on the phone. “My husband and I plan to come soon and hear from you about the God who healed our daughter.”

Jesus’ words came to my mind: “This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham.” Luke 19:9. Surely God has a thousand ways of reaching His people—even redeeming a terrible situation! How else could we have shared His Word in Allen’s remote village?  


James Musinguzi is a retired pastor who keeps active in evangelism and church planting. 

How You Can Help
Pray for Allen to remain free in Jesus. Pray for her to be a witness to His power!

Give. Needs in Uganda include new church buildings and church planter support. To help, mark your gifts “Uganda Workers” or “Uganda Churches” and send to: 

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