Mission Focus: Relieving Woes

“Said Jesus, ‘The poor always ye have with you.’ May the Lord rid us of selfishness and help us to care for other’s woes and relieve them.” Welfare Ministry, 322.

Over the past year, requests have poured in for help with medical bills, clothing, and food needs. In some countries, people have been confined to their homes, unable to sell their goods in markets because of the coronavirus pandemic. Literature evangelists who make their living selling books have been forbidden to approach houses that were not their own. Crops failed from a lack of rain, and food shortages resulted. 

With the numerous extra requests coming in, we would like to assist as many of the hungry and destitute as possible. Please help us relieve the woes of those crying for help!  

How You Can Help
The Need

Food, clothing, and medical help

Estimated Costs
$50 can buy corn to feed three families for two days. $100 will buy a bale of clothing, which can clothe about 50 children. 

To Give 
Mark your donations “Mission Focus—Poor Fund” and send to: 

Mission Projects International 
PO Box 151 
Inchelium, WA 99138

To give securely online, visit: