Three Baptisms

Bible workers in Colombia make friends and win souls!

As the door-to-door missionary raised his hand to knock, a sound from inside the home caught his attention. Was that a sermon playing in the background?

An elderly man came to the door, his hair and nails long and unkempt. The missionary smiled and introduced himself. Then he asked, “I think I heard a Christian radio program playing in your house. Were you the one listening to that?”

“Yes,” the man nodded. “I live alone.”  

“Then we’ll be good friends,” the young man smiled. “I love to study the Bible.”

“Me too,” the older man confessed, “but my problem is I cannot see well. So I listen to sermons when I can.”

“Would you like to study the Bible with me?” the young man asked. “I have some friends who might be able to help you find out what’s wrong with your eyes. In the meantime, I’ll help you read the words.”

Marco Tulio, age 82, accepted that young missionary’s offer. Soon, we had him set up with glasses so he could read his Bible. We also gave him a portable speaker with a USB drive so he could listen to sermons and hymns any time. 

Alone in a poverty-stricken community, Marco struggled to earn his daily bread by making rag rugs, but we knew he deserved respect and help. God provided the means to help Marco have a better quality of life. Best of all, several months after we met him, Marco Tulio gave his life to Jesus through baptism. Just before he was buried in the water, I asked him how he felt. “I have been waiting for this moment,” Marco beamed. “I backslid from Jesus 30 years ago. Now I know why God kept giving me life all these years. He wanted me to come back!” Praise God for His work in the lives of the needy. 

Along with Marco, a lady named Rubiela gave her life to Jesus in baptism that same Sabbath. We met her while selling whole wheat bread door to door. From the very beginning, we could see how much interest Rubiela had in spiritual things, and we started Bible studies with her right away. Satan tried to use her son, a drug addict, to discourage her, but Rubiela pressed on. When we appealed to her to be baptized, she responded, “I have been waiting for you to ask!” 

When I saw Rubiela coming out of the water singing and praising the Lord, my heart thrilled with joy. She had invited several relatives and friends to come with her and celebrate her baptism, and her two daughters seemed especially touched. They told us they would like to follow their mom’s example!

Before we began working in Barragán, the village had no Adventist residents. That changed the day Marco and Rubiela were baptized! Now, besides two baptized Seventh-day Adventists, we have 18 Bible students being visited by our workers every week, and a small group meets in Barragán every Sabbath. We know God will grow this congregation as we keep working together with Him!

In another town, we met Adriana, a backslidden Seventh-day Adventist. Recently, with our encouragement and prayers, she renewed her vows through rebaptism! Adriana’s daughter lives with the president of an indigenous tribe called the Embera Chami, and this has provided Adriana with opportunities to minister to the natives. Adriana’s daughter hopes to be baptized after she gets married, and we plan to do health work in her village and establish a small group. Please pray for us!  


Daniel Miranda is the Chair of the Evangelism Department and Bible Instructor Program at Fundación Las Delicias.

How You Can Help
Pray for Marco, Rubiela and Adriana that they will remain committed to Christ and His truth! 

Pray for the Bible workers as they begin ministering to the Embera Chami and continue their efforts in Barragán.

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