Tamasha’s Stand

Against the threats of her parents, a young Muslim takes her stand for Jesus.

COVID-19 made 2020 a tough year. The lockdowns Malawi’s government imposed three times interrupted our gospel work, but I was not disheartened. I knew the Lord had a work for me to do all around me in my own community.

Since God had blessed my fields with an abundant harvest, I decided to give what I had received. In the villages surrounding me, I found many who did not have enough food because they had not been able to travel to the larger towns to buy it. I visited everyone I thought might need help, and the Holy Spirit led me to distribute books and spiritual tracts from door to door. After I gave out all my tracts and books, I went back to the houses where I had left them to ask the people if they would study the Bible with me. With all the worship places closed, I found some people willing to study.

Mr. and Mrs. Casim studied the Word of God with me for five months, but they showed no interest in accepting Christianity. Although their whole family came together for each Bible study, I had mainly focused on trying to persuade the parents to accept Bible truth. After I studied the Sabbath with them, I made an appeal, asking if they were willing to keep God’s true day of worship. 

“We have always been Muslim,” the parents mumbled. “We will not give up on Islam now.” I knew the test had come and that they were not willing to pick up the cross and follow Jesus. I would probably never see them again. 

Just as I was about to pray and leave, a miracle happened. Thirteen-year-old Tamasha stood to her feet in the presence of her family and said, “I have made my decision for Jesus.” 

Trouble started for the girl as soon as she confessed her Savior. With angry voices, her parents threatened her, “If you become a Christian, then you must leave our home.” 

Although my heart went out to this girl, I knew it would be wisest for me to leave as soon as I offered prayer. Tamasha started to cry as I stepped out the door. I prayed for her as I walked down the road. Suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me calling, “Mr. Lapani!” I turned to see Tamasha running after me. “My parents would not even allow me to gather my belongings,” she panted. 

“Would you like to come live with me and my wife and two children?” I asked. 

Tamasha broke into a smile.

Furious, Tamasha’s parents sent the Muslim brotherhood to come to my home to take Tamasha from us, but she refused to go with them. “I will follow Jesus, even though I must give up family and friends,” she told them. Tamasha’s love for Jesus had grown so deep that when the storm of persecution burst, she was immovable. 

Tamasha still lives with us, and she attends church every Sabbath. Each Sabbath she praises the Lord that she has been set free from the falsehoods and superstitions of Islam! After several weeks away from her parents, Tamasha began visiting them to tell them about her newfound love for Jesus. They listen as she sits down with them and explains the testing truths of God’s Word. Please pray for Tamasha as she witnesses to her family about God’s last warning message to planet Earth!  


Golden Lapani is an evangelist in Malawi.

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