Redeemed from the Chains of Polygamy

A husband’s heartrending sacrifice turns out to be a blessing.

I could not withstand the Holy Spirit’s conviction; God’s Word was clear. My heart desired to follow Jesus, but His requirements seemed unfair! For me to become His disciple, Jesus asked me to give up my polygamous marital relationships. This was the greatest dilemma I had ever faced in my life. 

I loved Jesus, yes, but I loved my beautiful wives, too. Whenever the preacher appealed for souls to receive Christ and get baptized, my heart raced. My limbs wanted to move, but I felt the chains of polygamy pulling me back. I prayed to God for three days. Relief flooded my heart when my first wife decided to get baptized. I would be baptized with her, and we would follow God together.

Baptism meant making a covenant with God, so I had to abandon my other two wives and remain with the wife of my true marriage covenant. As soon as I gave up my polygamy, I found out how amazing it could be to live a monogamous life. I had thought Christ was requiring too much, but once I experienced life with Him, I realized that I had only given up a burden. Polygamy had been depriving me of joy and happiness. 

Since I began walking with Jesus, I have no longer had to endure the stress of jealous fights between the three women in my home. I no longer have to mediate disputes between my wives and their children. With only one wife under my roof, my home and my mind are at peace. 

At first, my other two wives did not think that my commitment to Christ would mean that I would desert them. When I went to them and told them that I would need to give up my marriages with them, they became as furious as wounded buffalo! I had wanted to donate part of my land to build a church, but my furious wives raised a lot of dust and commotion, asserting that the land belonged to them. I gave up on my dream of building a church there, and God provided for our congregation when we received a grant from Mission Projects International to purchase land. 

My former wives demanded legal property sharing and documentation of the terms we agreed on for bringing up our children. With the help of the church leadership and government officials, I navigated the process of sharing the property according to state laws. This gave me extra peace. 

During the coronavirus lockdown, we have worshiped from our home in full confidence that God still reigns. I have decided to donate 5,000 bricks for the construction of our church building as my thank offering. 

My heart rejoices in the saving grace of Jesus. He not only redeems us from spiritual bondage, but also from the physical chains and burdens of this world. He has exchanged my burdens of social and economic challenges for the more blessed burden of truth and the desire to preach the gospel. I will live to serve the one who loved me before I knew Him, my Savior and my Redeemer.  


Patrick Kafobeero, a former drug addict, bar owner and polygamist, has become a living witness for Jesus Christ in Uganda. His commitment to serve God has been the pivot of church growth in his community. Today he is a lay pastor in the Ruhandagazi area.

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