This Is My Story

A young woman’s journey to restoration in Togo.

As a child, my exposure to spiritual things was very limited. I possessed only a vague understanding of God, and my non-Christian grandmother who acted as my guardian prevented church attendance. My life had little meaning.

When I met and married my husband, I looked forward to a bright future ahead of us. But my husband opposed Christianity as well. He was self-focused, and failed to show me the tender regard that I expected. Pregnant with our child and ill with malaria, I grew despondent and felt neglected.

One day, I collapsed on a mat outside our home and watched my husband slowly disappear out of sight for a day of work. The man I had hoped would bring me fulfillment didn’t seem to care that I was rapidly declining in health. I longed to be truly loved.

A local lay pastor and his wife had decided to visit a sick church member that morning, and they happened to pass by my house on their way. Spotting me on the ground, they quickly approached with concern on their faces.

“Are you alright?” the pastor asked.

“I feel ill,” I managed to reply.

They stopped what they were doing to pray with me. Sensing that I needed prompt medical attention, they carried me to the hospital where I tested positive for malaria. Not a day passed during my hospital stay without a visit from this loving Christian couple who won my heart with words of kindness and sincere prayer.

The road blocks to my spiritual experience were now removed. Neither my grandmother guardian nor my husband could prevent me from hearing the words of life that brought peace to my soul.

I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. By the time my baby was born and my physical health restored, I had experienced a new spiritual wholeness that brought me through church doors for the first time in my life.

My husband wasn’t happy with me at first, but he seemed impressed by the pastor’s kindness. As days passed, I noticed that my husband’s attitude towards me grew softer and even caring. He no longer opposed my church attendance, and even accompanied me and the children on some Sabbaths. It is the great desire of my heart to see him dedicate his life to the Savior as well.

I am privileged to attend church each week, and feel inspired when I hear testimonies of God’s life-changing power. But I love my personal story of redemption. As I look forward to baptism, I praise God for the change that has come to my family. My husband is a different man, there is peace in my heart and love in our home.


Pastor Agamah Balakibawi is a district pastor in the Kara region. He wrote this story about Pyalo Katchikarang.

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