A Miracle of Healing

A Miracle of Healing

A young man is healed and finds his true calling.

My father was a priest of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I adhered to the religion of my parents until age 17, when a relative gave me a book called The Great Controversy by Ellen White. I read it five times over, trying to grasp the full truth in its pages. It gave me new insight into what was happening in the spiritual world. As a result, I received Jesus as my personal Savior and chose a different path than that of my parents.

My great ambition at this point was to became a successful professional in society, and I successfully completed my first year of study in college. Then I ran into some medical challenges. Among my symptoms were dizziness and eye pain. As the professors lectured and wrote on the blackboard, my eyes were too near-sighted to see the important words, and dizziness made me struggle to keep my balance. 

In spite of this, the Lord blessed my studies and I graduated. Unfortunately, Ethiopia was engaged in a war with a neighboring country at the time, and the instability affected the job market. I traveled to the capitol city of Addis Ababa to stay with relatives and look for a job there, but I remained unsuccessful. After months of searching for work and continued health problems with no solutions, I felt terribly discouraged. 

Just as I was about to return home in defeat, I received a job offer. While this was encouraging, I continued to face road blocks in my career. Feeling despondent and convicted that God might have different plans for me, I prayed for healing from my health problems. My church family surrounded me with prayer, knowing that I had spent a large amount of money searching for answers from doctors in vain. The Lord Jesus was my only hope.

That night, I felt the Lord’s healing touch in answer to prayer. My symptoms disappeared, and I felt like a new person with not only new hope, but a new calling. The plan I had wanted for myself had not been God’s plan. I had been trying my best to be successful in my own way, and the Lord had visited me in His mercy. I realized now that God was calling me to be a pastor. 

Today, I am a pastor and currently coordinating a church-planting project in Ethiopia, where Muslim beliefs and practices are becoming predominant. We have low numbers of Adventist evangelistic workers, and do not have places of worship for some of our newly planted churches. There is a need for financial support and much prayer as we seek to reach millions with the gospel truth entrusted to us. But whatever the odds, the same God Who heals and calls us will also provide the means to accomplish His work.  


Tesfaye Tadese Hailegnaw is the director of the work in the Southern Ethiopia.

How You Can Help
Pray for Tesfaye as he organizes the work in the southern part of Ethiopia. 

You can support the work by sending your donations to: 

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