Messenger of Salvation

Messenger of Salvation

A powerful chief prays for God to send someone to lead him to Jesus and the truth.

Because I am a tribal chief, many people are afraid of me—but now it was my turn to be afraid. I had suddenly become seriously sick, and it seemed I must die. It didn’t help me, now, to be the great chief over 36 villages, with their 36 local chiefs answering to me. It meant nothing, now, to be a member of the provincial parliament. I needed help, and soon. 

“God,” I prayed, “please send me someone who will not only pray for my healing, but will lead me to Jesus and His truth.”

Traditional chiefs in Congo are often involved in witchcraft. I pretended to be a Christian, but I did not know Jesus. Instead, I mixed our traditional rites with Pentecostal Christianity. I had never heard of the Seventh-day Adventist faith. There was not even one Adventist church in my territory or my province, and to my knowledge, I had never seen a Seventh-day Adventist. 

Then I came down with my illness. My wife, a registered nurse practitioner, tried to treat me from home, but nothing she did helped. She took me to the hospital, but the doctors couldn’t help either. It seemed to be a spiritual attack. That’s when I cried to God for help.

One of the village chiefs, hearing of my illness, decided to come visit me. The day before he left his village, a lady he didn’t know came to him and gave him a Bible. She told the village chief, “I have a message for you. Open your Bible and you will see the message.” 

The village chief took the Bible, which fell open to Exodus 20. There he read the Ten Commandments. “That is the message I wanted to give you,” the lady said. “Go in peace. God will send someone to tell you more.” 

The next day, the village chief traveled to the town of Kenge, where I live. As we visited, an unexpected guest knocked at my door. “My name is Emmanuel, and I am a Bible worker,” he announced. “I have come to pray for you.” 

“I have been waiting for someone to come not only to pray, but also to lead me to the truth,” I told him.

Emmanuel beamed. “I know the truth. Let us pray and then we can study the Bible together.” 

When Emmanuel began to explain Exodus 20, the other chief and I were surprised to find out about the true Sabbath of the Bible. The village chief then told us about the lady who had given him a Bible and promised that God would send someone to explain the Ten Commandments. I knew that God had sent Emmanuel, and I accepted the truth that he shared. 

The Bible worker organized other believers to pray for me for one week. I was anointed, and I was healed. My wife and I continued Bible studies for six months. The village chief went back home to spread the news, then brought two more village chiefs to Kenge to learn more about the truth. After six months, my wife and I, the three village chiefs and some relatives were baptized. 

After joining the Kenge SDA Church, which Emmanuel had started, my wife and I decided to donate 100 acres to the church to build a mission. The other newly-baptized chiefs and I have committed to spreading the good news within our territory. We just need pastors to get ready to baptize thousands, for we will be working to bring multitudes to Jesus!  

Democratic Republic of Congo

Jesse Kashita is a newly converted chief in northwest Congo.

How You Can Help
Pray for Chief Kashita and the others as they work to spread the gospel in their territory.

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