Divorcing the Devil and Marrying Christ

Divorcing the Devil and Marrying Christ

A young woman faces demonic oppression in Uganda.

My young suitor charmingly swept me off my feet. When I gave him my hand in marriage, little did I realize that I was marrying a witch. By choosing him as my life partner, I unknowingly gave the devil more access to my life.

Three days after the marriage vows, I sensed a spiritual battle in our home. I had been brought up in the Anglican church, and was taught to love Jesus Christ who died for me. I wanted to worship the only true God who created heaven and earth, but my husband introduced me to pagan worship and commanded me to bow down. A cold chill ran up my spine as I felt a wave of regret. It was a test of faith. I asked for three days reprieve, and fasted and prayed. 

My communion with Christ in prayer annoyed the gods of my husband. “Force her to serve us, or we will kill her!” they pressured him.

Regardless of the intimidation, I purposed not to succumb to their pressure. I continued in prayer but became miserably harassed. Unknown powers visited me in the night, seeking to end my life. I felt myself being suffocated, unable to cry out for help. 

“Jesus, Jesus!” I prayed in my heart. Every time I did this, the demons released me. 

I lived with my husband for five years under continual harassment by the gods my husband served. By God’s grace, I remained faithful to my Savior, and served Him tirelessly under the umbrella of the Anglican Church. 

While entering my sixth year of marriage, I heard a circulating story of a man who wanted to stone a preacher but ended up getting baptized into the religion he had opposed. This strange religion worshiped on Saturday! 

One day, I received an invitation to worship with this Sabbath-keeping group. I decided to visit them, and enjoyed the portion of their program called “Sabbath School.” I chose to keep congregating with them, and never missed our Bible studies under the shade of a tree.

I learned the truth about the battle between good and evil, about the Sabbath and the Second Coming of Jesus. I felt the need to recommit my life to Jesus in light of the new truth I had learned. 

Attending my first Adventist camp meeting was life changing for me. I enjoyed the week of interactive Bible study, singing, testimonies and earnest prayer. I slept peacefully the whole week. At the end of the camp meeting I decided to re-commit my life to Jesus and be baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist. When I returned home, the demons never bothered me again. I am now happy in Christ, and I desire to have Jesus known by my beloved husband.  


Pastor John Kaganzi is the district leader in the Ruhandagazi area in Uganda.

How You Can Help
Pray for all the various ministries in Uganda and that all the workers will stay faithful to the truth.

Pray for this young woman to remain in the hands of Jesus! 

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