Bigger Plans

Bigger Plans

When a Kenyan couple opened their home to street children, they never imagined how big their family would grow!

When he sees children living on the streets, Pastor Benson Nganga understands. Having grown up as an orphan himself, he knows how it feels to be hungry, homeless and destitute. That is why he helps all the street children he can. 

It started in 2002, when Benson and his wife Florence decided to search for a few neglected, abandoned children they could invite into their family. Finding two children who needed their love, they gladly took them in. But God had bigger plans. Soon they had five little ones, and within a year 12 children shared their three-room home. The couple began to pray for a more spacious house, and God provided them a home with five rooms. Meanwhile, their family continued to grow: 17, then 27. When their children numbered 44, Benson knew they had outgrown their home again! He began to pray in earnest for something larger. 

By 2008, three years after Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage and School had been officially registered with the Kenyan government, it sheltered 77 children. God had provided 17 acres of land, and Benson had plans: dormitories, classrooms, work rooms, a church, a dispensary, homes for staff, gardens and a small farm. By word of mouth and a small newsletter, news of the project spread, and God moved on hearts to donate. Miracle after miracle poured down like rain. 

Today, the orphanage accommodates over 200 children, with separate girls’ and boys’ dormitories. A detached building serves as a dining hall, kitchen and housing for volunteers. The staff reside in smaller homes on campus. Several greenhouses help to supply food for the children, along with fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Each boy and girl has a personal garden plot to learn how to grow produce. 


Far from being totally reliant on donations, Fiwagoh has industries to help offset its expenses. Besides the gardens that supply much of the food, a water filtration system provides enough clean water to supply the orphanage and extra to sell to the community. One of the major expenses in the food budget is grains, which must be purchased. A farm tractor with implements would allow Fiwagoh staff to grow their own grains. When not in use, the tractor could be rented out to the neighbors, providing another industry for the school. This would enable the orphanage to be much more self-reliant, producing all its own food.

After 16 years in service, Fiwagoh Mission now has 267 orphans, 41 staff and 17 Bible workers. The Lord Jesus Christ gets all the praise, honor and glory! Through Him, the orphanage demonstrates the love of God and exalts the Scriptures. God’s bigger plans for Fiwagoh never seem to quit unfolding. Today, beyond helping and equipping destitute children, Fiwagoh staff conduct evangelism, plant churches, print Christian literature and feed poor widows and families. They seek in every way to live up to the name “Fiwagoh,” which is actually an acronym for The Final Warning Gospel and Health Mission. May not only the mission center itself but also the children raised there go forth to give the final warning in Kenya!  


Benson and Florence


Marie Judd is Benson Nganga’s adopted mother and the USA contact for Fiwagoh Mission.

How You Can Help
Pray for the children at Fiwagoh, and for the Lord’s guidance in the new projects being undertaken.

Sponsor a child. For $50 per month, you can not only support a child in Kenya but give them the encouragement of knowing that they belong to someone special.

Give to help with the purchase of the tractor, disc, harrow, plow, planters, and other implements. In total, $100,000 is needed. Send checks or correspondence to:

Fiwagoh Orphanage
c/o Marie Judd
PO Box 60
Thompsonville, IL 62890
(618) 627-2917

To give online and learn more about the mission, visit: