No Limit to God’s Power

No Limit to God’s Power

A public crusade in West Virginia is blessed with surprises and souls.

The Lord indeed has been working miracles in our public crusade here in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

In preparation for the meetings, we rented a room that would hold 75 people in a Holiday Inn near the church. Perhaps our faith was far too small, believing that attendance would be no different than in past seminars. About a week and a half before the seminar began, we had close to thirty guests registered. Together with the church members also attending, we thought the room we reserved would be the perfect size. That’s when the hotel’s event coordinator called with a request. “Would you consider moving into a much larger room?” came the question. “It would accommodate another event happening.”

With a bit of apprehension, I agreed to the arrangement. I thought it would look odd having a large room with everyone spread out among a lot of empty seats. Just days after we agreed to change rooms, the calls began pouring in. Two days before the meetings began, we had more than 140 preregistered guests. What a surprise! The first weekend, the place was packed with just a few empty seats. I am amazed by how God works!

It was truly amazing to see many of the guests taking notes. Each text and historical quotation flashed across the screen were jotted down on paper as if lives depended on it. When the night came for the Sabbath truth to be presented, it was a particularly difficult subject for the people to hear. Their facial expressions told of the betrayal they felt from former pastors who had hidden the truth from them. Some were expressing their feelings in words during the sermon.

The Mark of the Beast study solidified why we should keep the seventh day holy. That night, an invitation was made to the whole assembly to come and worship with us on the Sabbath. I guessed that very few would actually show up for the worship service. To my surprise, eleven people decided to keep the Sabbath for the first time. They all seemed very happy to be in church, and eager to learn more from God’s Word. It was a blessing to hear their testimonies of how God revealed the truth to them about the Sabbath.

We are nearing the end of our public crusade, and the people want to hear still more from God’s Word. They have been filled, but they want more. They do not wish for these meetings to end! We have asked the hotel if we can rent the room for a few more nights before we transfer to the church.

The service on Sabbath is marked with new faces now. Some have even come to us with the desire to be baptized into the body of Christ. God is indeed moving on hearts! There is truly no limit to His power.

West Virginia

Mike Bauler is the director of Mission Projects International.

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