Golden Moments

Golden Moments

A woman uses spare moments to hand out GLOW tracts, and God connects her with a searching soul.

I was back in my dear Australia! The squawking of parrots and the shimmering of pale green gum trees brought back sweet memories of days gone by. It would soon be two years since visa troubles had forced me to leave my position as a Bible worker in Victoria, Australia, but this country had left such deep prints in my heart that I had already come back twice to visit—all the way from cold Norway. What a blessing to see my friends and Bible study contacts again!

Today, a friend and I were running errands in the small town of Healesville. Actually, she was running errands, but since I didn’t have many to do, I decided to use my time passing out GLOW tracts entitled “Talking to God.” People accepted the tracts, but as yet I had not forged any deep conversations. I was about to go into the grocery store with my friend when she turned to me and said, “You don’t have to come with me. Just keep sharing GLOW tracts if you like!” That gave me time for a few more golden moments.

Just off the main road, I saw a trade worker standing near a car, taking a break. I went up to him and gave him a tract, and we started talking. “I am not a Christian,” the man shared, “but the energy of Christianity appeals to me. I like the love in the Christian message.” As we kept talking, I realized he had an open, reflective mind. “I am ashamed to be part of humanity,” he divulged, “with the direction the world is taking these days.”

“There is a book I think you might find interesting,” I replied. “It’s called The Great Controversy. Do you live here in Healesville?”


“If you would not mind giving me your address, I could ask one of my friends to pop the book in your mailbox!”

His reply surprised me: “They could come in for a cup of coffee!”

A few days later, I visited the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Healesville, which used to be my home church. Finding Elder Bruce, I handed him a slip of paper with the man’s address. He said he would be happy to pay Rick a visit.

Before I left Australia a few days later, I talked to Elder Bruce over the phone. He said he had found Rick at home and they had talked for about two hours. The man seemed open for more visits, and Elder Bruce thought it likely that he would accept Bible studies.

How nice! I mused. It had been so easy to use my spare minutes to pass out tracts, and yet that minor effort gave a start to a story that perhaps will never end! God longs for us to seize the golden moments in everyday life, so He can give us the joy of experiencing those wonderful providences I call “heavenly logistics.” When I get to Heaven, I want to learn more about how the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and all God’s holy angels worked together behind the scenes to bring about special meetings between us and searching souls!


Stine Gro Struksnæs is a Bible worker from Norway.

You Can, Too!

Share. Why not keep GLOW tracts with you to hand out in your spare moments in town—when you find yourself delayed by others, standing in line, sitting in waiting rooms, etc.? A small effort on your part can lead to an eternity of happiness for someone else!

Pray. Please keep Rick and Elder Bruce in your prayers as they get better acquainted and as Bruce seeks to introduce Rick to Jesus. Also, why not say a prayer for Stine, for yourself and for all of God’s children, that we will know how to use the golden moments God has prepared for us from day to day?