Conversions in Congo

Conversions in Congo

A local missionary takes the gospel into the heart of the Congo.

“Get ready, get ready, get ready. . . . Sacrifice all to God. Lay all upon His altar—self, property, and all, a living sacrifice. It will take all to enter glory.” Early Writings, 66.

Sometimes it feels like a sacrifice to venture into the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, but I thank God for the opportunity to be His representative in this desperately poor area. The theme God gave me to preach during this year’s mission tour to Sankuru was “Jesus Christ Our Rock.” With Jesus at the center, we emphasized the Three Angels’ Messages and the Sabbath. Satan resisted us, but God blessed. During the meetings, people raised all sorts of questions, and they received Bible answers. The Holy Spirit changed lives.

Dénis Kongo shares his conversion story: “Since my childhood, I have rejected Christianity. Colleagues, coworkers and friends tried to persuade me to become a Christian, but they couldn’t convince me. I saw so-called Christians smoking, drinking alcohol, swearing, and wearing charm bracelets and necklaces (while denouncing idols)—all the while pretending to be God’s representatives. I refused to live such a life.

“One day I made friends with a young man who had some Christian literature, and he would sometimes read it to me. I told him that I had decided not to be a Christian. One day we went for a walk and suddenly we saw a big snake coming at us. We began to run, but the reptile followed. In terror, I shouted, ‘Jesus!’

“Finally, we got away from the snake. As I stood trembling, my new friend asked me: ‘Who saved you?’ I looked at him, speechless. ‘We will go to a church where we can see Jesus,’ he told me.

“I asked him, ‘Is it true that we will find Jesus?’

“‘Yes,’ he assured me. He led me to a structure made of branches, where people said that a missionary from Kinshasa would present Bible studies. I listened closely to what the missionary said, because I wanted to see Jesus. His message touched me. He said that Jesus wanted to have my heart, that I should open my heart and Jesus would come in. ‘Jesus stands before your heart,’ he appealed. ‘Let Him come in.’ His words troubled me, and I sensed a voice speaking to my heart. The missionary came to me, touched me and prayed for me, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I am now a servant of the Lord in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I know that this church is faithful to God’s commandments. This God is the only real God, who changes lives.”

Besides preaching, the Lord enabled us to minister to the people’s physical needs, as well. We prayed for the sick, and He gave them healing. We gave clothing to the naked, and they thanked God. It isn’t easy to win people for the Lord, but the Holy Spirit can teach people the truth. If I had enough funds, I would go to Sankuru every quarter to strengthen the faith of the souls gained for Christ. We sensed the controversy with the devil in this papal stronghold, but the Lord blessed with a rich harvest of 365 newly-baptized souls!

A new project now presents itself: reaching the persecuted pygmies, some of the poorest people in the world. Although it will take funds we don’t have, our Father is rich. Please pray for the gospel to be carried to these poor souls, so that soon we all may go home with our Lord!

Democratic Republic of Congo

Joel Mapamu is a gospel worker based in Kinshasa, Congo.

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