A Mobile Sabbath School

A Mobile Sabbath School

A man with a testimony feels burdened for his people.

I was lost in a world of religious skepticism. Tossed in an ocean of cultist teachings, by God’s grace, I escaped by learning Bible truth.

I realized that a new life in Christ requires a whole new lifestyle. I had dealt in the alcohol selling business for many years, and I knew this must change. God had called me to the soul winning business instead. I had many wives, and they grew furious when I realized that polygamy was not in God’s plan.

Since my conversion, my mind has been troubled with concern for others lost in the world as I once was. “Give me a way to reach out to these people,” I prayed.

When I looked at my future, it was with mixed feelings. It was a pleasure to know Jesus in my advanced age, but my heart grieved that I did not turn to him in my younger years when my body was strong. “Nevertheless,” I reasoned, “I will do all I can to share the good news of salvation in the villages around me.”

I teamed up with local church members and decided to convert our Sabbath school program into a weekly mobile outreach effort. Between multiple families in various villages, the responsibilities were shared. A different family hosted each week and prepared a shelter of tarps where people could meet in the shade. Non-Adventist friends were invited, and seats were improvised. With our interesting evangelism strategy, our Sabbath school class grew from 17 to 40 members.

Not all who heard of our efforts appreciated them. As we planned for an evangelistic series, we were met with mockery and destain. We were referred to as “ebijengyerezi,” a word in our mother dialect which means “baseless and brainless fanatics of faith.” Because of this name calling, some people refused to hear anything we said. We had no other alternative than to pray.

In each location where the meetings are held today, more people express interest in Bible studies. We currently have 23 new people who are actively worshiping with us and waiting to be baptized. The community is warming up to the truth of God’s word, and we plan to continue this outreach until every soul has an opportunity to hear the gospel.

Before I go to my rest, I desire to see a church building in my area. At this point, we are worshiping under tarps for shelter. It is not easy to acquire land here, where incomes are very low. I would like to donate a portion of my land for the church building, but I have many family members who don’t profess my faith. They have control over the property as well, and will not consent to my idea.

God will hear and respond to our pleas for help amidst trials. We will continue to serve Him with all of our hearts, minds and strength.


Pastor John Kaganzi
is the district leader in the Ruhandagazi area in Uganda.

How You Can Help
Pray for all the various ministries in Uganda and that all the workers will stay faithful to the truth.

Pray for this new church as it seeks to find land to build their new church!

The work in Uganda is growing rapidly and needs your help! If you feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to contribute to spreading the ‘Three Angels Messages,’ mark your donations “Uganda,” and send to:

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