A Home for the Children

A Home for the Children

A woman experiences tears and joy as she opens a refuge in Nepal.

Sometimes, life throws a curve ball. Suddenly, we are hurled down an unforeseen road. In the process of an abrupt turn, we gain speed and hang on for dear life. Nearly 25 years ago, the straight little road I traveled with my beautiful family seemed that it would go on forever. Then a hairpin curve appeared from nowhere.

One morning, I unmistakably felt God’s call to build a school in Nepal. I had heard His voice before in quiet nudges or gentle words, guiding my decisions. But this was different. The voice was loud, distinct and firm. It demanded obedience, not questions. Through a series of amazing, God-orchestrated events, land was purchased and construction began on a joint school and children’s home in Sukedhara, Nepal.

Those days were exhilarating! God’s miracles rained down on us. The children’s home filled with orphans, abandoned kids, street children, girls likely to be sold and trafficked and the children of lepers. Pieces of what seemed like a complex puzzle came together seamlessly – the land, buildings, funding, teachers and children.

Then like a wave on the sea, my hopefulness came crashing down. Expenses escalated, and donations didn’t seem to keep pace with our necessities. Precious children who needed refuge, education and God’s love knocked at our doors when we saw no earthly way to provide for them. Once during the monsoon season, a massive landslide in the mountains washed away many homes and left numerous orphans. Without money to care for additional children, we had no choice. I was crushed. “No” was not supposed to be part of the ministry vocabulary.

I felt inept. Nothing in my experience, background or education had prepared me for this work or for the heartache that came with it. The responsibility of caring for God’s children weighed heavily on my shoulders. With much prayer and Bible study, I realized that my focus needed to be on Christ rather than myself. God was still with me and His promises were sure.

Although life may take us through a discouraging valley, God doesn’t leave us there. Today, immense joy wells up in my heart when I hear our children singing Bible songs with enthusiasm. As young ones lead out in church, read a mission story or recite Scripture verses, I thank God that these incredible kids are in a place where they can learn about salvation and unfailing love. He provides our needs, and places it on the hearts of others to give so that the precious work may continue. As we play games together as a family in Christ, there is much laughter and delight. I thank God for the light that pushes away all darkness!

Suzy Sims is the director of Trips with a mission. A ministry dedicated to helping the less fortunate.  


How You Can Help

Pray that God will provide all that is necessary to aid these destitute children.

Donate. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, send the funds to:

Trips with a Mission
108 W Tomichi, Suite A
Gunison, CO 81230