When God Steps In

When God Steps In

Sunday-keepers are directed to the Adventists for truth.

The providential intervention recounted here happened in South Uganda, in a township called Muhanga. Our church has preached the Three Angels’ Messages here in Uganda for years, sometimes with very little fruit. We are challenged by the influence of the Catholic priests, who work to prejudice minds against the truths we teach from Scripture. In the past, we have been unable to rent even a piece of land on which to conduct an evangelism effort. The enemy has used this organization to block the message of truth from penetrating into multiple regions.

Oftentimes, a coalition of Sunday keepers – both Protestant and Catholic – share prejudice against our work. One Pentecostal church pastor was no exception. But as he studied the Scriptures, he came across the Three Angels’ Messages in Revelation chapter 14. Not long after, he lay in bed one night when a man stood by his bedside. “Do you understand what you are reading?” the stranger asked.

“No,” the Pentecostal replied. “The meaning of the passage seems lost to me, and I cannot understand what I’m reading.”

“Read again,” the angel prompted. The following night, he appeared at the pastor’s bedside again. “Do you understand what you are reading?” he repeated.

The man shook his head.

“Find the closest Seventh-day Adventist church for an explanation,” came the reply.

The Pentecostal obeyed. The following day, he sought out our local Adventist pastor. He brought nine of his parishioners with him. They enrolled in Bible studies and soon accepted the Sabbath truth.

Excited with what they had learned, the church members carried the new light back to their church. The Pentecostal pastor stood before his congregation with conviction. “If we do not accept this Biblical message from God, we will be lost!” he said.

The entire congregation has been baptized. The Pentecostal pastor was ready to learn more, and we sent him to our ministerial college to study the truth in greater depth. In his absence, an active Adventist elder by the name of Bizimana Joseph was happy to lead this new Adventist congregation.

God provided financially for the future of the young church. As I shared this amazing story some time later, two Adventist young people decided to give their tithe and offerings to support Joseph’s stipend and other needs. A donor also gave us funds to purchase land for a permanent church building. This congregation did not have their own church – for Pentecostals worship in rented halls.

Joseph spent much of his time visiting the local community and giving Bible studies. He also helped to build the house of worship. The congregation consists of 25 former Pentecostals at this point, and we expect a rapidly growing membership when the church is ready for use. Today, only the doors, windows and painting projects remain left to be completed.

We are planning an evangelistic series at this new location to bring in the harvest, by God’s grace. We praise the Lord’s name for “stepping in” to a largely Catholic-controlled township, where the light is now beaming with increasing power.


Pastor Thor Pedersen is retired and lives with his wife in Australia. He has been doing evangelism in Uganda for about 20 years and is deeply passionate about the work in this country.

How You Can Help
Pray for this new congregation, for the faithful workers and for all the various ministries in Uganda.

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