Criminals, Dreamers, and Converts

Criminals, Dreamers, and Converts

Evangelism brings the Sabbath truth to seekers in the South Pacific.

Popondeta is a sort of cowboy province in Papua New Guinea, full of criminal activity. Yet even here, the truth of the Three Angels’ Messages outshines false light. During recent evangelistic efforts in the oil palm settlement of Sorovi, the village of Oro Bay and the town of Popondeta, we saw the power of God bringing the gospel to open hearts.

Among those who accepted the light, Sister Fiona from Oro Bay stands out. A widow with five children, she faithfully served in the Anglican Church for twenty years. Eventually, however, she realized that her religion had brought no real change to her life. Hoping to find true conversion, she joined the Christian Revival Church, but still was not satisfied. Then one night she had a dream in which she was told that if she wanted true revival, she must keep the Sabbath.

Fiona knew that only Seventh-day Adventists keep the Sabbath, but she didn’t know of a church in her area. When she asked her friend John if he knew any Seventh-day Adventists, John told her that he was the one of them. This opened the way for John to share the truth with Fiona, and soon Fiona and her family began to worship with John on Sabbath. Later Felix, a young layman, went to Oro Bay to nurture them.

To culminate Felix’s efforts, our evangelistic team came to Oro Bay and hosted a weeklong series right in the middle of this Anglican-dominated village. Morning and night, the truth was preached. Every night, new people came to hear the Three Angels’ Messages. The truth was planted in their hearts, and when the time is ripe, these souls will be harvested into the church; but praise God, on the final Sabbath of our meetings in Oro Bay, seven souls were ready to be baptized, including Fiona, who has stood firm amidst persecution and criticism from her former church family.

Sylvester was another of the new converts baptized that Sabbath. Tears filled his eyes as he told us of all the time he wasted in criminal activities, and how he nearly lost his life doing evil. Sylvester lives in Lae, but he grew up in Oro Bay. On a visit home, he was surprised to learn that some of his family had left the Anglican Church to keep the Sabbath. When he investigated as to why they had left, the truth arrested Sylvester’s heart and he joined his family in their new faith. Sylvester has put away all his crimes, and now he wants to carry the gospel of Christ to the people of Oro Bay.

Fiona and Sylvester represent many truth seekers. Please pray for them and for those still seeking. We need more workers to go and find those who hunger and thirst for truth and help them find the way of eternal life.

The new little church fellowship in Oro Bay hopes to build a shelter for worship, although this will be a challenge for them. In addition to a church building, they need Bibles and other spiritual materials to enable them to study and grow in their faith.

The everlasting gospel of Jesus must reach the unreached. The people still in darkness must have the light of truth. Thank you to all who are in the field, carrying forward the everlasting gospel. Thank you also to those who support the workers financially to cross the ocean, climb mountains and fly to new provinces to bring souls into the Kingdom of God. God will bless you!

Papua New Guinea

Michael Loko is a lay pastor in Papua New Guinea.

How You Can Help
Pray for the new believers and the truth seekers in the remote villages of Papua New Guinea. Ask God to give the workers courage to preach the Three Angels’ Messages.

Give. Funds are needed to buy Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books to distribute to those who are new in the faith. If you would like to support the work in Papua New Guinea, please send your donations marked “PNG Evangelism” to:

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