Back on the Air

Back on the Air

After prolonged technical difficulties, the gospel is once again being aired in a critical access area.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! By His grace and through His many instruments, a miracle has happened before our eyes. After a year and a half of technical difficulties, Redemption Radio is back on the air!

It took an engineer from Panama to come and install the new transmitter purchased with the sacrifices of God’s people. The following Thursday, we started up a trial broadcast, but faced some challenges with our studio equipment. We solved most of these difficulties within the next few days. Our first full day back on the air, we asked those who were listening to get in touch with us and report that they could hear the radio program.

With the station being offline for so long, it may take some time for people to become aware that the radio station is back on the air. It will also take time to find out how far the signal now reaches—but we will get there, by God’s grace. To increase the station’s immediate effectiveness, we hope to hire some temporary workers to visit the nearby villages and tell them about the radio station. We have some posters of the Ten Commandments that people here really like to hang on their walls, so the plan is to send the workers out to distribute the posters and have them tell the people where they can tune in to listen to our programming.

Keeping a radio station live takes a lot of work. Although we are broadcasting, the work at the station site is not yet finished. With our new transmitter, we believe that our radio signal should be reaching farther than it seems to be at present. The engineer told us that he thinks the problem is in the design of the antenna system. As he explained to us the problem, I thought: Oh no, another big expense! Just then he said, “I will do this work for you for the cost of my travel expenses; I will not charge you for the labor. I feel like I am among family here, and I want to take part in your efforts.” We are so thankful for his kind offer, and we hope that when the work is finished, we will be able to reach places we have not penetrated before. We need your prayers that the Lord will accomplish this, for His message must be spread throughout this country.

While we are waiting for the engineer to make time in his schedule for our repairs, we will do all we can to promote awareness of the radio station in the nearby villages and get as many new listeners as possible. After over 19 months off the air, it’s a real miracle that the Lord has given us a brand new transmitter. He must have an important purpose for the station in these last days! Our next project may be to purchase a laser color copier that we can use to print small tracts to share as autumn leaves. People these days don’t care much about reading, and will usually put aside a magazine or a large tract—but we have found that many people will gladly read something small and colorful. That’s why we want to make our own small tracts and give them to lay workers around the country to distribute.

Thank you so much for being part of the miracle of restoring Redemption Radio to the airwaves!


Teresa Jimenez is a lay worker in Honduras, using radio and print media to spread the gospel in her country.

How You Can Help
Pray for the listeners who tune in to Redemption Radio. Pray that the repairs to the antenna system will enable the signal to reach much farther than ever before.

Give. Funds are needed to maintain radio equipment and continue airing Redemption Radio. If you would like to help spread the Three Angels’ Messages in Honduras by radio, send your donations marked “Redemption Radio” to:

Spanish Herald
PO Box 143
Dillard, OR 97432

Thank you!
The Jimenez family would like to give a big “thank you” to all who helped get Redemption Radio back on the air.